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The theme and details of the global stage. Across the globe, the only other nations or world powers to have initiated formal policies regarding Anomaly Incursions are Australia, Canada, China and Japan. The entirety of Africa and South America have remained divided as far as putting forth an official stance on those who have arrived via Anomaly Incursions, and most of the nations within lack the technology or infrastructure to properly codify or register new arrivals. As a result, those that arrive through an Anomaly Incursion in these areas are left to their own devices regarding obtaining identification or other basic citizenship documentation, and often must travel to a larger nation or world power to do so.

China, like Russia, has been working towards proactively tracking down Incursions and those that arrive through them, whereas Canada, Australia and Japan have all adopted much more liberal mindsets and are working to put in place similar integration matrices as America is modeling. Japan has been leading the way in advanced chronospatial scanning technology, largely due to industry titan Koshiro, Inc.

While most of the world has been made aware of the science behind the Anomaly Incursions, there are lesser developed countries and traditionalist factions even within first world powers that view Anomaly Incursions and those that have arrived from them as not just aberrations of nature, but soulless entities that have escaped the underworld and are a sign of the apocalypse. While these sects are rare, they do exist more commonly in less enlightened parts of the world. World News Files