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Important theme information concerning characters. As stated in other news files, all concepts are native to the game world of Alternate Identities MUX. They have lived here all their lives and have the opportunity to be known to the public at large, whether as heroes, villains, celebrities or even elected officials. Due to this, we encourage character applications to detail rich and robust character concepts that include a stature befitting persons of note within the world.

If AIM existed in a published comic-book universe, these concepts would be the primary characters of that world - heroes with their own monthly titles or who feature prominently in flagship team titles, or villains that stand opposed to such heroes. While certain heroes, teams and villains have already been set forth for the game world and cannot be included in new character concepts, players may otherwise establish their own premier super-teams and place themselves in positions of status, respect, and celebrity within the game world.

All players are also encouraged to develop rich histories with each other in order to further enhance the mythology of the MUX.

All characters must be from the base AIM game world, absolutely no characters may have arrived to the game through an anomaly incursion. Character News Files