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Completely banned character concepts. The following concepts are banned, and not allowed for application. We will not accept a character that uses any of the following banned concepts, powers, or information. We reserve the right to add to or change these files without notice.

1: Pre-Existing Powers:

The following powers and power sets are already in use by characters on the MUX and may not be applied for at this time. These files may alter as the player base becomes larger and the need for unique concepts isn't as much of a necessity.
Air Elemental
Construct Generation
Energy Disruption
Power Absorption
The following powers are considered 'pending', and are not allowed while the application is being worked on.
No powers are currently pending.

2: Copywrite Characters:

We will not accept a concept that has their origin based within another published property (such as Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant and so on) or are obvious clones of any such character. Any application which is a blatant imitation of an already published work will be automatically rejected out of hand. If we find at any point that the admin has been deceived that character will be removed as well as any other characters held by that player.
For reasons of simplicity and clarity, we will also not allow characters with given names or code names that duplicate prominent comic book characters, no matter how disparate the actual character concepts may be. I.e., you cannot use the name 'Cyclops' even if your character is a nine foot tall giant with a single eye above his nose. Names of lesser known characters from published works will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

3: Alien Races:

Players may not apply for any alien race. There are no known alien races within the AIM continuity at this time, nor may any alien race concept arrive from an anomaly.

4: Reality Alteration:

This is fairly self explanatory, but we will not allow any character to have the power to alter the fabric of reality, or control matter and energy to any degree significant enough to mimic a change in reality.

5: Sexual Based Powers:

It doesn't matter if it's through mind-control, pheromones, or some other form of manipulation, these powers are never going to be allowed on here for any character. They can be abused far too easily even by the best of players. These types of powers will never be allowed, even in the form of an emitted or non-player character.

6: Vampires And Supernatural Powers:

A good World Of Darkness character is always fun to role-play, but they don't belong on our superhero based game. This includes vampires, werewolves, wraiths, and so on.

7: Political Power/Dictatorship/Rulers:

No character may have high political power (senator, etc), be a dictator of a country, nor be the head of a monarchy, or other forms of power over a large population. It doesn't matter if it's in the shadows, or in public, no concept may have such power. Locally elected officials (city mayor, state legislature, etc) will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

8: General Banned Powers:

The following power concepts or abilities are not allowed at this time:
Time Travelers: Characters who have the ability to travel through time, or are from a different point in time.
Time Manipulation: Characters that can alter, manipulate, stop, start, or have any connection to time.
Dimensional Travelers: Characters who are either from another dimension, or have the ability to travel to another dimension.
Precognition: Characters who can tell the future in any form are not allowed on here at any time.
Hard Radiation: Considering the long term factors involved with radiation poisoning, the pure destructive nature, and fact it can not be removed, no character may have any power that deals with the creation, manipulation or control of hard radiation, or 'nuclear' radiation.

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