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Information concerning the Anomaly Incursions. In the game world of the MUX, Anomaly Incursions have been called by many names since their first appearance in 2018. Timestorms. Dimensional rifts. Reality fractures. Chrono Spatial flux vortices. Part of the reason that the anomalies have so many names, is because the disturbances can have so many different effects on the world around them.

In most instances, anomalies do not manifest as actual tears or portals - when an anomaly occurs, reality simply rewrites itself, taking the form or shape of whatever dimension or Earth has spawned the anomaly. Clothing alters, physical objects spontaneously change, even buildings can disappear completely or reshape in drastic ways. Typically, the effects of an anomaly are brief and temporary - reality will change for a short time, and then will reset itself. Objects and buildings will return to normal, though the individuals present for the anomaly will typically remember the events clearly, and can also receive injuries from the incursion that must heal normally.

Players are free to emit small and medium-scale anomalies on their own cognizance, without administration approval, provided that the effects of the anomaly remain temporary and the scope of the anomaly is not greater than a city block. Player-emitted anomalies may also include people that arrive as part of the incursion, however no alternate versions of currently cast characters should be used in this manner, and all emitted arrivals from the player-emitted anomaly should disappear at the end of the incursion.

It is important to note that anomaly incursions should never use or incorporate alternate versions of the game's characters of any variety. The heroes and villains that are indigenous to the world of AI MUX do not have counterparts from other dimensions.

On occasion, the administration may use the mechanics of anomaly incursions to drive global plot arcs, which may last longer than a single scene. In those instances, further direction and information on the specific anomaly will be provided via the in-game bulletin board system. In rare instances, the administration also reserve the right to use anomaly incursions to 'rewrite' recent IC history on the MUX in order to correct issues that are otherwise unable to be resolved. Theme News Files