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How many alternate characters a player can have. Getting an additional character on Alternate Identities is really quite easy! We encourage all players to take an alt, whether that additional character is a villain, hero or mortal. We allow all players to have three characters in any combination.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All players seeking an alt must start the process as though they were new to the game, however instead of emailing the administration it can be done through a +request.

1: Players are able to apply for an alt after they have been approved and had one scene logged and put on the wiki. Basically, you get your character approved, get a log in, put it up on the wiki, and then you can start the process for another character.
2: Players may not apply for characters that have close ties to your other alts. Examples include family members, former lovers, on the same super hero group, and the list goes on.
3: Anyone who shares an ISP account with another player must inform the wizcorp.

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