2019-04-16 Break The Bank

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Featuring Granite, Pharaoh
Rating PG
Synopsis Pharaoh makes a withdrawal from someone's account and Granite rudely interrupts. (Warning for: a single swearword)

The bank is getting robbed. What a cliche. Less of a cliche is the method of takeover. Each employee is tied in some manner to various forms of furniture and columns by long strips of hardy bandages- the cloth too thick and tough to be easily ripped or torn away by the everyday man. The only reason proper authorities have been informed at all is due to one civilian who managed to get a call out about an ‘Egyptian Villain’ before phone signals were suspiciously cut off.

At first, everyone had assumed The Ankh had risen once again but with the lack of magic another villain was soon suspected. The only other Egyptian themed villain around.

The Pharaoh stands in the center of the vault, leg bandages unwrapped and shifting around the contained room. Each one rips safety deposit boxes from where they lie along the walls, allowing the woman to look at the contents before tossing them out of her way. Clearly she hasn’t found what she’s looking for just yet.

Listening to the police radio on an earpiece worn under his balaclava Granite quickly gets word that there's some kind of villain on the loose at the bank. The superhero hauls ass towards the scene of the crime on his motorcycle, weaving smoothly between the automobiles and other obstacles in his way. It's easy to be fearless on the back of a bike when you'e indestructible.

When he gets out front of the crime scene he parks his ride and hops smoothly off, taking a good long look around before he approaches the front door. He's trying to be quiet but the noise of his motorcycle pulling up may have ruined his attempt at stealth.

Pharaoh pauses in her destruction of the vault, single box still hovering in front of her face. The villain takes a quick glance inside before turning to look out of the vault. The door isn’t in line of sight from so deep in the vault, but the hostages are.

It doesn’t take long for most of the civilians to realize a hero has come to save them. Relief washes through them like a wave and its obvious from their faces. The fear drains fro their features, replaced instead with tentative hope of rescue. Its practically a neon sign that Pharaoh needs to wrap it up.

She wraps the box in several of the bandages unfurled from her torso as the rest rise to the rafters. Silently Pharaoh lifts herself out of immediate sight, suspended by makeshift tendrils.

"Stay calm, I'm here to get you out of here," Granite proclaims to the hostages as he moves towards them, ready to break the tentacles of cloth that are wrapping them up. As he works he keeps his head on a swivel, looking out for the villain that he knows must be there somewhere. It's clear that Granite's priorities are getting these folks free before dealing with the villain. He might be known for being angry but that doesn't mean he's callous towards the needs of others.

The bindings should be easy for Granite to rip apart, his super strength more than a match for the cloth. The first man he frees gasps as the bandages are torn away from his mouth and exclaims, “She’s in the vault!” and then he’s outa there. Any others released next quickly follow.

Pharaoh herself remains suspended on the vault’s ceiling, arms and legs crossed as she thinks. There is only has a little while before he frees the hostages, and no way is the costumed woman able to take him face to face. She has to outsmart or outmaneuver him. It takes longer than Pharaoh would like to come up with a plan- a bad plan- but it will have to do. She just has to wait for him to come looking.

Once the hostages are free Granite heads towards the vault saying in his electronically masked voice, "Thank you, sir." His head keeps turning from side to side as he makes his way towards where the villain waits, calling out, "You think robbing a bank in my town is a good idea? You're gonna do great in prison, I'm sure." He's pretty cocky and more than ready for whatever might come next. Or so he thinks.

Its eerily quiet following his declaration. There’s no response, no banter, just.... nothing. As he enters the vault, there is still no talk, so the attack may be especially surprising. Bandage tendrils rush down from the ceiling, wrapping layers upon layers of bandages around his eyes, nose, and mouth before harshly yanking him towards the ceiling as Pharaoh drops like a counterweight. The bandages trapping Granite tie themselves to the ceiling before disconnecting from her thin form to leave the hero hanging where she dragged him.

Landing in a crouch, Pharaoh manages to run to the doors in a near desperate sprint. She shoves them open to find weapons trained on her. Shit. Forgot about the police. Pharaoh ducks back inside and changes course just as the cops prepare themselves, bolting for the center of the lobby with hidden eyes fixed on the windows above.

Suddenly, Granite is yanked from his feet, head wrapped in cloth, and propelled towards the ceiling. He hits it soundlessly even as he tears the bandages from his cranium and falls down to the ground, landing on his back with a thud. "You're pretty tricky, aren't you?" He asks as he shoves himself to his feet with one hand, using his super strength to move smoothly.

He makes it just out of the vault and into the lobby when he sees Pharaoh in all their glory, "Not going to chat with me? I'm hurt." Granite's knees bend and he prepares to charge.

Pharaoh’s head snaps around as Granite frees himself, gritting her teeth at how short of a reprieve it bought her. “You’re hurt,” She states, voice warped and muffled by the coverings hiding her own face, “Says the invincible man.” As he prepares to charge, she prepares to climb.

Cloth unwraps from her waist and legs, lashing out to grab anything solid enough to carry her towards the safety above.

"Hey, my emotions ain't invincible," Granite replies to the villain with amusement in his tone. As Pharaoh attempts to climb away the superhero remains strangely patient, waiting for them to get a little distance above the ground. His intent is to tackle his opponent out of the air and his knees bend, unintentionally telegraphing his intention.

“Aw poor baby,” Pharaoh rockets herself towards the ceiling, body remaining still in the uncanny way only someone with extra appendages can move. It means she can see his preparation.

“How much you suffer.” She prepares a move of her own and the second he launches himself up, the cloth to her right will pull taunt, viciously ripping her out of his way and leaving the woman splayed on the opposite wall. Pseudo-tendrils dig into the smooth marble of the ceiling, striking with enough force to crack and break the surface as they grip. Pharaoh then begins to crawl her way back towards the window, resembling a spider more than any ancient queen anyone has seen.

Wham! Granite smacks into the wall where Pharoah had been moments earlier. As he slides down to the floor he chuckles a little, landing nimbly on his feet. His knees bend again and he readies himself to try to catch the villain before they can make their escape. "It hurts less when you just surrender, you know."

“As lovely as the Hole sounds,” Pharaoh’s tendrils dig into the wall surrounding the window frame. With a crack of glass and screech of metal, the villain tears the window straight out of the surrounding wall. She twists around and throws it straight at the preparing hero amidst the rain of rubble. “I’m not about to go to prison!”

The window slams into Granite but he holds his ground and merely shoves what is left of it off of himself. Without much hesitation he leaps into the air, aiming for the window to try to get through it before Pharaoh can. "You're going to need to throw something a lot heavier than that if you want to slow me down!"

As he looks up, granite will see Pharaoh’s silhouette through the sunlight that streams from the new hole in the ceiling. “Heavier? If you say so.” Pharaoh’s tendrils grip the edge of the former window. She jerks them apart. The compromised structure snaps under the strength of her extra limbs and most of the ceiling follows suit, crumbling beneath its own weight as she launches herself out of danger and to one of the remaining safe patches of the roof.

That might buy Pharaoh enough time to escape, actually. Granite's had buildings dropped on him in the past but it's not really something one gets used to. The weight of the debris knocks him down to the ground, gravity still doing it's job despite the hero's great strength. As he hits the floor he pushes the remains of the ceiling away from himself. With a deep "Hmm" he looks up through the ceiling hole for a nearby roof to jump to, trying to get a vantage point.

The police below find themselves dumbfounded as the bank collapses, rubble and dust flying everywhere. They almost don’t notice the figure that flies across the gap from the bank roof towards the apartment building next door. Pharaoh leaps, but not to the roof. Any watching can only watch in horror or fascination as she completely bypasses the roof, crashing instead through a window on the top floor of the building into some poor fool’s apartment. There is the scream of the startled resident but within minutes Pharaoh has slipped from the residence and come out the other side of the building through another apartment’s fire escape, out of sight from the bank. Soon villain has disappeared into the maze of buildings beyond.

Hopefully the city will pay to replace those poor guys' doors and windows.