2019-04-07: Marvel Team Up - AIMUX Style

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Featuring Granite, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man
Rating PG-13
Synopsis This has it all - rampaging Hulks, missing cats, heroes teaming up for the greater good! (Hulk emits by Spider-Man.)

Police Scanners are currently going nuts. Absolutely. Nuts. Crazy nuts. Like, screaming into their radios, get Sentry here, kind of nuts. The trouble is? Sentry is currently very busy down in Lower Manhattan, an anomaly and demonic invasion is going on. They're having to deal with hundreds of demons and a God-like being, so they're kind of busy. As in, they're not going to be here any time soon, kind of busy. It's up to the local police force - and hopefully who ever else might be around to help with the 'little guys'.

The little guys being, a very bad part of Harlem is being attacked by a monstrous green THING. Police are trying to cordon things off, but the path of destruction through an already almost war-torn world keeps getting wider.

One of New York's finest is currently hunkering behind her patrol car. "This is 12-127, I've got a situation here, rampaging green monster. We need help, we're getting beat bad. Call in Sentry! Hell, call in Beacon! I don't care who you call, this thing is destroying everything!"

The police have every right to be afraid. The being that is causing so much panic - and so much destruction - is a true terror to behold. Standing some nine feet tall and hued a very unnatural shade of bright green, it's a wall of muscle and rage that seems to have only one singular purpose in life - to obliterate anything and everything that gets in its way. The problem right now, however, is that the behemoth doesn't seem to have a particular 'way' that is going, instead stomping about east Harlem randomly, flipping cars end over end, mangling street lights, leaving big craters in the streets and even having already levelled a small insurance office. All the while, the thing has been yelling, most of the time incoherently, but every so often with a word or two that might be understood by those foolish enough to stay around to hear. One of those oft-repeated words is "Hulk". The other? "Smash".

At the moment, as cops try to find cover behind their cars, as citizens flee to the hopeful safety of their run-down tenements, as it appears that there are no super-powered individuals who are available to help, the so-called Hulk has found an abandoned construction project to sate his lust for destruction, hammer-like fists of jade taking out one support structure after the next to send the shell of a would-be apartment complex crashing to the ground around him with a deafening crash. As the earth shakes from the collapsed building, as debris cascades outwards and a plume of smoke and dust rises upwards and then begins to thin, the gargantuan form of the Hulk tilts his head up to the sky, fists at either side of himself as he bellows out, "Hulk is strongest there is!!"

Last time they met the Hulk managed to smash Granite pretty good before running off. This time the grey clad hero doesn't intend to give him the chance to do the same.

Speeding in on his motorcycle, Granite follows the trail of destruction towards the construction site, dodging the debris in his way. It's a mess, but the superhero is pretty good on a bike and manages to get where he's going. He stops his vehicle and kills the engine, hopping off and calling out in his electronically masked voice, "Officers, if you don't mind securing the site and getting the civilians out of here I'll keep the monster busy." He approaches the construction and looks around carefully before bending his knees deeply and leaping towards the loudest sound of smashing.

"This is 12-127, Granite just arrived. We're clearing the area of civilians." The young officer hunkering still behind her vehicle calls into her radio, a breath of relief echoing through her lungs. Someone did come. Thankfully! Rising up swiftly, she begins to direct the others, as they work at moving civilians out of the way. Medical personal are swift to arrive, as well, as an area several yards away from the construction site is used as a triage. A few loud screams still seem to echo through the area, though.

"MY LEG! Oh my God. My leg!" "Poofy? Has anyone seen my Poofy! He was just here a minute ago. POOFY!" "Ma'am, I need you to step back and away from the area." "My cat! My Poofy!!" "Ma'am you need to get back!"

Meanwhile -- as the police officers do their best to get people away from the destruction and mayhem, another unlikely duo are swiftly moving towards the area. In order to NOT attract attention, at least yet, a blonde woman is driving into the area on a fairly stolen (and very slow) moped. She's dressed in Salvation Army style greatness - a dark brown bomber style jacket, faded blue-jeans, scuffed leather boots, and a t-shirt that boldly states, "Go Beyond The Impossible". (The logo is quite faded and has that bought at a used clothing store look to it.)

The moped slows to a stop next to the cordoned off area, as the blonde steps off the stolen vehicle and casts a gaze at her cell phone. >> Text: You here yet? <<

As the dust from the levelled building is starting to settle and clear, just remaining as a low-level cloud that is swirling and drifting about ankle-height, the mountain of green muscle that is the Hulk is fairly easy to spot within the rubble of the construction site. Having issue his declaration of strength - or was that a challenge? - the Hulk turns his ugly mug down from where he had it pointed upwards to sky, scanning the area around him as if waiting, wanting someone to meet that challenge. After all, what good is it to be the Strongest, if there is no one against whom to prove that claim? Fortunately for the Hulk, it seems as if only needs to wait a moment before his wishes are granted - in the form of the masked hero that already attempted to match muscle with the Hulk once before.

Standing in place as Granite hurtles towards him, the Hulk does not move or budge. Instead, the Jade Giant just narrows his gaze, lip curling up at one side as he snorts just ever so slightly. An expression of contempt, perhaps, or maybe boredom. The monster issues a brief note, not unlike the word 'Bah!' before crossing one of his girder-like arms across his body and then, at just the right time, unleashing of his might in a wide and quick backhand arc. His goal - to swat the incoming Granite out of the air like such a gnat. "Hulk already beat puny man! Hulk strongest! No one beat Hulk!!"

While this is taking place, however, some short distance away there is another brightly colored individual arriving to the scene. Rather than boasting green skin (and a huge frame), however, this one is clad from head to toe in a skin-tight costume of scarlet, navy and white. The white mostly being in the form of a stylized spider symbol across his chest and large, upswept eyeports on his mask. Known as Spider-Man to pretty much everyone where he comes from (but as of yet not making a name for himself here), the nimble individual is one-handing it at the moment, swinging downwards from a single webline to the streets below as his other hand carries something bundled up in what looks to be an additional sack or wad of webbing material. The item seems a little difficult for Spider-Man to keep a hold of, and as he deftly lands on the sidewalk, it might be asy to see why.

There, just a few paces away from the cordoned off area and the blonde on her moped, Spidey carefully holds the webbed-up package infront of his body, a pointed pair of ears first seen peeking out the front of the webbing before they're followed by a two-toned cat face, hued in black and white. The cat is wrigglig and meowing something fierce, but fortunately the woman calling for her Poofy is nearby enough that Spider-Man is able to hand off the pet before it hurts itself - or Spidey. "I believe this one's yours, ma'am?" he states to the woman, giving her a mock salute and nod before pulling a cell phone out of a hidden pocket somewhere on his uniform. >>Text: Sorry, had to detour.<< >>Text: You're right behind me. You still going in cognito or can I just talk to you?<< >>Text: If I can just talk to you, you don't need to text back.<<"

Knowing better than to underestimate his opponent, Granite watches the Hulk's mighty backhand heading his way and twists his body in the air to try to avoid the blow. He's nearly successful, too. The strike catches the masked figure but rather than nail him head on it catches him on the shoulder and sends him spinning a few yards away to where he collapses in a pile of concrete rubble.

Granite isn't down for long, however, pushing himself up easily and advancing more cautiously on his opponent, "Not gonna be that easy this time, sucker. I've been waiting for you." One can almost hear a smile in his voice despite the distortion. He lifts a hand, palm up, and waves his fingers, "Come get some."

New York's finest are a bit taken back by the brightly clad Spider-Man. They're use to heroes (and villains) making appearances, but this fellow just rescued a woman's cat. They're highly suspicious. "Excuse me sir, you need to get behind the cordoned line. Granite is taking care of the super powered suspect."

The woman cautiously collects up her cat, who continues to squirm, wriggle, and try and get itself out of its web cocoon. "POOFY!" The relief in her voice is evident. "Oh thank you. Thank you." With that, the woman moves swiftly down the street, disappearing into one of the tenant housing not far from the construction site.

Medical personal and police officers continue to move people out of the way, some are complaining of aches and pains, others are just in a state of shock, wandering around like zombies in the street.

As for Carol? The blonde in the bomber jacket? Her gaze is on the cell phone in her hand, before her eyes roll upwards. Her fingers work magic over the cell phone. >> Text: You're one to talk about incognito. Meet me on opposite side, away from eyes, we need a plan. << With that, Carol pops back onto the moped and maneuvers herself seemingly away from the cordoned off area, pausing only a moment by the loud sounds coming from the construction site, as well as the loud *crash*. A tiny bit later, and she's managed to sneak her way towards the opposite end of the construction zone, out of sight still - but given the rate of destruction going on, probably not for long. "Just haaaaaad to come back and make a mess."

As his backhand only partially catches the incoming assailant, the Hulk wrinkles his nose and bares his teeth in displeasure - watching Granite tumble through the air to land only a few meters away instead of where the Hulk had planned - that is, somewhere out in the Hudson. Or maybe the Atlantic. And then, as if adding insult to injury, the masked guy not only gets up, but issues a mocking challenge! Hulk narrows his eyes again, a low growl reverberating in the back of his mighty throat, a rumbling noise that quickly grows in volume and intensity as it suddenly erupts into a full-on tidal wave of a roar. "ERRRAAAAGGGH!!! NO ONE STRONGER THAN HULK!!" And, driven as he is by instinct and rage - a combination that's served him well thus far - the Hulk barrels forward towards the beckoning form of Granite, bare feet slapping against the earth as he raises up both fists with a clearly telegraphed intent to bring down both arms in a single, sledge-hammer like blow to piledrive the hero right into the ground.

Some distance away, Spider-Man glances up from his cell phone texting to acknowledge both the thankful lady as well as the uncertain police officers. "You're welcome, ma'am," he responds to the first, a chipper smile heard to his voice and even seen in his demeanor, even though the entirety of his face is covered. "Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!" Then, to the police officers, Spidey holds up a hand in a disarming fashion. "Oh, you don't need to call me 'Sir', just Spider-Man is fine. Or, a lot of people call me Spidey..." He then pauses a beat, glancing over towards the chaos at the construction site. "Granite? You're like, pouring concrete on him or... Oh, wait, that's his name! Not bad, actually, I guess he's like... super tough? I mean, I'd *hope* so if he's going up against..." *ping!*

Just then, Spidey's phone chimes and vibrates with an incoming text, and he holds up a hand of apology to the cops as he checks on it. "Sorry, this could be important." And, upon reading Carol's text, Spidey nods. "Yep. Gotta go, nice meeting you guys. Keep up the good work! Protect and Serve!" And with that, and a couple of *twhip*s from his web-shooters, and Spider-Man is up to the rooftops and out of sight. Only to re-appear again a moment later right next to Carol's hidden spot, landing next to her in a silent crouch. "My plan is usually just heading on in, distracting the bad guys with some witty one-liners and then webbing them up for the police to find later." He pauses, peeking up over a crate before ducking back down again to continue speaking to Carol again. "You're right, that might not work as well this time."

"Strength ain't everything," Granite comments as he ducks to the side to hopefully get out of the way of the Hulk's massive mits, moving with the grace of an experienced fighter. And it's a good thing, too, because last time he took direct hits from the Hulk his costume and most of his gear needed replacing.

Once he's on the green guy's side, though, Granite moves in to try catching him with a combination of punches and chops, trying to stay light on his feet for when the next attack comes his way. He's clearly trying to use skill and training to overcome the Hulk's sheer strength and brutality. "You can give up whenever you want."

Away from the fighting, the Officer speaking to Spider-Man can't help but seem a tad confused by the friendly chatter that Spider-Man is offering. "What? Who doesn't..." And when Spider-Man finally leaves, New York's finest calls into his radio. "We've got a possible STRAY on the scene, calls himself Spider-Man. Rescued a cat, and took off to parts unknown. Be advised we may have further contact."

Crouching low behind the crate and slabs of concrete, Carol's gaze flickers towards the combatants, or at least what can be seen with the rise of debris, clouds of dust, an obstructions. Shaking her head, Carol scampers down again, whispering quietly to Peter. "Gotta give it to the heroes here, they know their stuff."

To Peter, Carol's eyes narrow. "Listen, Spider. Hulk, Bruce. The thing to note with him is, his powers are fed by his emotions. The more angry he becomes, the more powerful, not just strength but toughness as well. So if you go in there with snappy patter be aware if you start making him even more angry, he's going to just get even stronger. Distractions though, are a good thing."

Taking off her bomber jacket, placing it neatly onto the ground, Carol lets out a rush of air through her lungs. Her blue eyes lift upwards towards the construction site. "I'm .. hoping this Bruce knows who I am."

With that, Carol leaps up and over the crate - sliding down one broken slab of concrete, and lands on the ground - still a long distance away from Granite and Hulk, but well within view. "BRUCE! BRUCE BANNER!" Well, hopefully that'll get someone's attention.

Swinging his fists downwards, the Hulk narrowly misses Granite - slamming his hands into the ground with enough force that if the construction project hadn't already been levelled, surely it would be collapsing down now. In fact, there's even a noticeable crack in the ground, the earth having split open just a bit from where the mighty blow landed. "Strength is everything!!" Hulk roars out then, starting to straighten upwards when Granite's flurry of attacks begins to assault him from the side. The first one catches the Hulk off guard, actually causing the green gargantuan to stumble awkwardly, though the continued barrage barely seems to even faze the beast - if anything, only making him more angry.

"Hulk never give up!!" the giant shouts then, getting his footing set under him as Granite continues to rain blow after blow against his dense skin. He begins to pull back one arm, ready to deliver another attempted blow against Granite, when he hears the shouted voice coming from some distance to the side and behind him. A voice that is shouting out the one name, above all others, that the Hulk caanot abide. "BANNER??!!" The Hulk spits out the name with disgust and vehemence, whirling about to try to find the source of the offense. "There is no Banner!! ONLY HULK!!!!" His back is turned to Granite as he bellows, his muscles rippling and veins throbbing about his neck and shoulders as he rages.

Behind cover, Spider-Man is counting on his fingers as Carol gives him the 4-1-1. "Powers fueld by emotions. Don't make him angry. Distractions are good. Check, check and check," he answers, wincing just a bit as the ground shakes from the battle raging on some meters away. "Wait, you... what?" he asks Carol as the heroine up and leaps into view then - before she grabs the Hulk's attention in just about the most profound way possible. "Uh - what happened to not making him angry??" Spidey can't help but quip, before he extends an arm to let fly a strand of webbing, using the cornice of nearby building to swing himself around the perimeter of the construction yard, landing in a crouch just off to the side from Granite. He's already speaking as he lands, his motor-mouthed snappy patter as friendly as it is rapid-fire. "Hey there, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. You must be Granite. Nice job so far! We're here to help, so, happy to meet you! We being me and her." He nods to Carol. "The one cheesing off the not-so-Jolly Green Giant here. Word on him is when he gets madder, he gets stronger and tougher, if you haven't already figured that part out, so..." Spidey pauses then, regarding the bulkier man next to, continuing to speak regardless of any response he initially gets. "You know, with a name like Granite I was sort of picturing something like the Thing. Except grey."

Striking the Hulk is like hitting concrete. Luckily, Granite's harder than that stuff. And he doesn't get tired easily. He can keep this up all day. If he doesn't get hit, that is. Whoever calls out the name is quite helpful, but the lady is now in the green beast's sights! The hero can't let her put herself in danger when there's such a vicious villain on the loose. "Yeah Banner! You're puny!" Trying to get the attention back on himself to protect the non-costumed individual. And since the Hulk's back is to him it's time for his heaviest possible haymaker to the dome. Much harder than one hits elephants. "Spider-Man? Don't make him angry? Aww, hell." Yeah, too little too late.

Unwavering, and not flinching in the least, Carol can't quite hear Peter's quip, nor is she really able to hear everything that he says to Granite, but she can guess a -bit-. Thankfully though, she also got Hulk's attention, which is exactly what Carol wanted to do. Except Granite appears to be trying to return that attention back to him. It's chivalrous. Really. But not necessary.

"Ah hell. I'm going to get my new, but not new outfit ruined. I should have brought my costume." Squaring her shoulders, Carol's fists ball upwards her arms extend outwards, and a powerful blast of photon energy comes careening outwards from her raised hands, aimed at Hulk's head.

Fuming, seething to such a degree that one can almost actually see him getting *bigger*, the Hulk is lowering his shoulders as he prepares to charge towards Carol, his hands wrapped into fists so tightly that the green skin on his knuckles is turning a minty shade of white. And just as he starts to move, just as his first step pushes off, Granite joins on on the name calling. Again with the Banner. And this time, calling the Hulk puny too boot. The green behemoth stops, mid-step, he stops and he inhales through his nose, teeth grinding and eyes nearly turning red as he bears his hateful gaze upon Granite. "NO BANNER!!" he shouts out, just as Granite is delivering that mighty haymaker towards the Hulk's skull. On any other day, and certainly against any other opponent, such a blow would be devastating. But against the Hulk, as mad as he is right now? He shrugs off the attack with a feral roar. "ONLY HULK!!!" he screams, reaching out with one massive hand in an attempt to forcibly grab at Granite's midsection.

Of course, with his attention split between Granite and Carol, the Hulk is getting it from both sides now. Just as he tries to focus back on Granite, Carol makes her move, powerful photon energy lancing across the construction yard to impact the Hulk right across the side of his head. The entirety of his face and skull are enveloped by the blast, just a shadowy silhouette within the bright energy beam, and another roar erupts from somewhere within that dark shadow as he's blasted. Any success to his attempt to grab Granite is negated - either dropping or missing the hero entirely. But when the photon blast stops? Not only is the Hulk's head still attached, but it's still all in one piece. Sure, his green skin looks singed, perhaps - there's definitely some sort of vapor or smote that's wafting up from his head - but mostly, he just looks completely and royally pissed off. Will nothing affect him?

After giving Granite the low-down on the Hulk, Spider-Man is prepared to leap into action - only to pause as the muscle-bound hero next to him goes and starts shouting that 'Banner' name *just* after Carol did the same thing. "Did you not hear the part about not making him angry? Oh geeze, and now he's looking back this way..." Even as Granite is trying to land a haymaker on the Hulk, Spidey is leaping into the air - legs and arms twisting about in a fluid display of uncanny agility, flipping overtop the Hulk to remain behind the brute. Behind is best in this situation. Especially since there's also photon blasts now coming at the giant. "Um. Hey, has anyone noticed that he seems to be getting taller?" Spidey observes, watching as the rage that builds within the Hulk continues to manifest with the Hulk's size and musculature. "Maybe we should try singing Kum-Bye-Ya instead of attacking him...? Just a thought, you know, with the whole madder is stronger thing..."

And then, as even Carol's photon blasts don't seem to have any effect, Spidey tries to jump in as best he can, flipping up and over the Hulk to send twin sprays of webbing right at the beast's eyes, hoping to at least blind him long enough for Carol and Granite's next attacks. Only - when he does so, those webs just sail through the air, hitting nothing. The Hulk, all rage and fight and green monstronsity, begins to literally fade from existence - one moment there, the next just sort of fizzling away until he's no longer there. Spidey's errant webs arc through the air where the Hulk was just a second before, landing in a *splat splat* onto the side of one of the patrol cars across the street, leaving Spider-Man himself a little dumfounded as to what just happened. In fact, he says so. "Um, what just happened? Don't tell me that he can go invisible and intangible, too. Because already being super strong and invulnerable, that would not be fair. At all." Spidey pauses a beat, then realizes his webs have likely gummed up the policecar door and shouts out to across the street. "Sorry about the car, guys! It'll dissolve in an hour or two, it's all good!"

Well, this is going to suck. Granite is nabbed as the Hulk snatches at his torso, finding himself unable to break Mean Green's grip. This is not a good thing. Then there's a blast that smacks his opponent in the face and Granite gets dropped, stumbling and landing on his back. He's down only for a moment before pushing himself up one handed, taking advantage of his super strength to get up quickly. "Thanks for the assist! I owe you one," calls out the local boy to the woman who just saved his rear end.

"Chill out, Hulk! You're not puny, I was joking." Because talking might work if superpowered punches and laser beams don't do the trick. Might. "And those were friendly punches..." Then Granite witnesses his nemesis begin to fade out and shuts up to make sure he doesn't lose track of him. "Did he just teleport?" Looking all around, he tries to prepare himself to be attacked out of nowhere.

"Unless he's gained a few new tricks.." Carol begins, watching with both disbelief as well as confusion as Hulk just up and disappeared. "No. I mean. He's never been able to teleport, never been able to go intangible, go invisible, absolutely nothing like that." The blonde is completely mystified. Utterly and completely mystified. Her brows furrow together, mouth purses into a line, before a slightly awful but maybe hopeful thought enters her head. "He came from one of the anomalies that brought Spider and myself here, so - perhaps." And there's a slight shrug of her shoulders upwards, steps drawing her towards where Granite and Spider-Man are standing. "He returned." A slight wince, again, as Carol rubs the back of her neck. "Lets hope he'll calm down a bit at being home."

Meanwhile, several police officers have finally taken note that the situation has calmed down, one of them trying her level best to get into her police car. "WHAT THE HELL." Can be heard, "Is this webbing??" As well. Her fingers idly plucking at the strands, even going so far as to pull out a small swiss army knife and try to cut the webbing away. "How am I supposed to get in? The captain's going to be pissed.."

As the officers begin to move towards the construction zone, focusing their attention on Spider-Man and Carol, the blonde offers an apologetic expression towards Granite. "Maybe ah, I don't really want any trouble with the law." Again. And considering there hasn't been any attacks, at all, from the 'jolly green giant', well, something else is going on here, other than Hulk. This, though, Carol doesn't express, just offers another apology. "Sorry - I'm going to." And she points upwards. "I don't want to answer any questions.. God, this is awkward." And with that, the blonde lifts into the air before taking off into the sky. A few things can be heard as she takes off at break-neck speed. "I use to be a freaking Avenger. AVENGER."

Yes, the Hulk is just gone. Almost as if he never were - that is, except for the demolition, the wrecked cars, and of course any injuries suffered by those that got in his path. But the Hulk himself? Vanished. Spider-Man remains in a half-crouch on the ground for a moment, reaching one gloved hand to tap at the side of his head, a slight flicker perhaps able to be seen along white lenses of his mask. "Yeah, I'm getting some strange energy readings, but they're fading fast too. I still haven't gotten a full calibration on anomaly energy signatures, but, I'll be anything this is that." Spidey straightens up, standing fully as he muses. "I wonder how long he was here. I mean, is there a duration? I've been reading up on the San Francisco STRAYS case but I haven't heard anything about any of them returning to where *they* came from..."

Only taking a brief glance over at the distressed noises of the police officer who can't get into her car, Spider-Man seems to wince just a bit behind his mask before he patently does his best to not pay attention to her struggles and focuses wholeheartedly on Granite and Carol instead. Only, Carol is already starting to make her exit. "Oh sure..." he calls up after her, "No all of us can just fly off you know!" He doesn't seem that upset, however, but he does take the opportunity to hold up his hand to the side of his mouth as he makes an aside to Granite. "I used to be an Avenger too," he states, rather proudly. He seems to ponder for just a moment, then continues. "Hey, I should probably do that too. Make an exit, I mean. You got this, right?" He motions to the incoming police officers, before giving Granite a thumbs up. "Great! Awesome working with you by the way. See you around!" And with that, Spidey leaps up, a web-line zinging into the air to swing him away - though he does take a very quick detour back to his and Carol's hiding spot, where he nabs the coat that Carol had left there, scooping it up in one arm before swinging out again. "And this is why we wear superhero costumes when we fight crime, kids..." And then he's around a corner and gone.

Things seem to have calmed down enough that it's okay to relax. Watching the blonde lady talk, Granite nods at her, "I hope so. I'd hate for him to get loose somewhere there aren't people like us to stand up to him." And then she flies away and he yells into the sky, "Thanks again! Hit me up if you want PR advice!" Hopefully she heard him.

Then he looks towards the cops and says, "I think these guys came from wherever Hulk was from. They seem like good people." His voice distorter is still doing its thing. "We might have some new heroes in town to help look after the place."

"Your guess is as good as mine," Granite says to Spidey with a big shrug of his broad shoulders. As that fellow departs as well the gray masked man nods, "Alright. I'll handle the cleanup. You take care of yourself out there." He even waves at his new acquaintance.

Turning towards the cops again he says, "You guys can talk to me while I work on patching up those injuries. Long story short, we got some helpful newcomers in town and the Hulk seemed to evaporate after breaking a bunch of stuff." Calling out to the officer having difficulty with her vehicle, "Spider-Man says that stuff will go away in about an hour. See if you can't get to your first aid kit, I'm going to put it to use."