2019-02-28: Inquiries And Selfies

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Featuring Granite, Fusion
Rating PG
Synopsis Fusion meets up with Granite to discuss the Hulk rampage.

The devastation that the rampaging green giant called 'The Hulk' wrought upon the city is still being worked on, and this is New York, a place that should be use to such events. Crews work tirelessly to repair roads, the side of buildings, while others clean up the mess.

While Fusion, of Sentry, is not really here to help - the sight of all of the brick, heavy pieces of concrete, and debris piled up did catch her attention.

Currently, the silver haired leader of Sentry is standing next to a couple different dump trucks, each are receiving small portions of the debris through two very bright, glowing golden 'hands'. The piles of debris are quickly becoming smaller and smaller, as her powers collect, lift, and distribute the garbage into the appropriate truck.

A police officer is situated next to Erana, "So then." He explains. "The creature just jumps off, wham. Out of the city and towards who knows what, leaving all of this behind." The officer's hands gesture outwards and around, his head shaking as he does so. "If it wasn't for Granite, I tell ya, could have been a lot worse. What's next, y'know? Giant green giants yelling about leaving him alone, while he tears up the city and throws people around."

A motorcycle comes down the street towards the wreckage that's in the process of being repaired, Granite driving the vehicle through traffic on one of his patrols. The gray clad adventurer slows down when he approaches the work site, especially after his attention seems to focus on the glowing constructs in the air. As the bike slows to a halt it's rider kills the engine and lowers the kickstand before sliding off the side.

Following the golden hands towards their source isn't terribly difficult for him, nor is getting through the rubble, the man smoothly hopping over some of the stuff in his way. Should anyone greet him or pay him much attention Granite will give them a wave, a nod or a chin lift without slowing down. As he closes in on his intended target he calls out, his voice masked by an electronic gizmo, "Greetings. Caught the gold floating and wanted to check in."

To the police officer, Fusion's head inclines, her voice holds the same professionalism she uses at all times. The strict, by the books, neutral tones. "Thank you, Officer, for your help, and that information." Erana begins, pausing only a moment to collect another bit of debris upwards with and begin slowly, but steadily, distributing it into the awaiting trucks, no need in dumping it all and harming the dump truck. "If you can think of any other details, be sure to contact Sentry's help line."

The officer inclines his head. "Happy to help, Fusion. Hey look, my kid - she really loves the snake, y'know? Think you could..."

Fusion's face doesn't flinch, she merely offers before the Police Officer can continue, "What is her name, Officer Riley, I'll be sure to have Black Mamba give a personalized autograph for her."

After giving the daughter's name, the officer continues on his route, pausing only a moment to call out to Granite. "Hey man! Thanks for the other day!" Before moving on.

As for Fusion, the reason she came into the area shows up, not something unexpected, but good that she doesn't have to look for him further. With the occasional eye on the continued help for the city, Fusion turns to face Granite, her gloved hand reaching outwards for a 'shake'. "Thank you for doing so." Her voice isn't masked, really, Erana probably has the single most horrible secret identity known to the world, but - there you have it.

"I am actually in the area hoping that we might talk about the incident with the Hulk. Do you have time to talk?" Fusion's gaze flickers between what she is doing, and back to Granite, multi-tasking!

"You're welcome, officer," the masked man tells the cop as he passes by.

When the shake is offered Granite takes Fusion's hand and gives it a friendly squeeze. Under his mask he's likely smiling, but it's hard to tell, "No problem." After she asks her question the fellow takes a look around and then nods, "I've got some time. Quiet day today, thankfully. What do you need to know?" His stance is straight backed, chest puffed out a little bit, making sure to look as good as possible in case anyone happens to be snapping pictures of the superhero meetup.

With an incline of her head, Fusion's offering an appreciative. "Thank you. There was one anomaly a few hours ago in New Jersey, but it was another very short one." Maybe they're starting to stop - is Erana's hope. She doesn't pay much attention to any snapping lights, or people taking 'selfies'. Rather, Fusion's attention turns a moment to the debris pile. It's the heavier pieces that she really is trying to focus on, giving reprieve to the city's resources and workers, allowing them to focus on the smaller clean-up. One particularly large slab of concrete is lifted upwards and shifted onto the truck. The truck sags a bit, and the worker waves with a thanks as he takes the truck to the disposal site.

While waiting for more trucks to appear, this does give Erana the chance to fully turn and focus upon Granite. "What do you know of the Hulk that you fought the other night? I've gotten the basics of the situation, but I'd like your interpretation of his motives and the scenario that transpired."

"Here's hoping nothing too dangerous came through," Granite replies to the statement about the fresh anomaly. "It seems to me that most of the newcomers are just folks trying to get by, luckily." Watching the larger pieces of rubble move he nods his head appreciatively at the display of strength and control involved.

Granite thinks for a moment when Fusion questions him, taking his time to formulate his response before speaking, "I don't really know anything about the guy. Stronger than I am, but I don't think he knows how to fight as well. It reminds me of fighting a super powered bear or ape or something, how wild he was." Another moment to collect his thoughts, "He seemed intent on being left alone. Why he was in the city if that's what he was looking for is a mystery to me. I was just trying to minimize the damage and casualties, I wouldn't mind tangling with him again when I don't need to worry about other people getting smashed, I owe him for throwing me around."

An incline of Fusion's head is given, mouth pursing deeply down. She remains quiet, listening intently to everything that Granite says and explains. Her eyes blink slowly, the purse to her lips still retained even as she offers a few more questions. "So was there any reason to his rampaging, anything in particular that he was going towards, or against? Or was it just rampant destruction? It does seem a tad off to be expressing an unfortunate desire to be left alone, while in a large city, did he mention anything else?" Her nose wrinkles ever so slightly at the last question. It's one thing to have a goal, pure destruction, pure hatred of everything, it's another to be -- triggered?

The workers continue to remove the smaller bits of debris, while others patch the road, while others work to restore buildings. Another dump truck has yet to appear, leaving Fusion's full attention still on Granite.

One fairly entitled individual moves over to stand between Granite and Fusion, while their friend takes the photo opportunity. Erana's expression could melt the polar icecaps as her gaze flickers towards the two, though no other comment is given, her attention returning to Granite.

"He seemed really driven by his anger, I guess," Granite hazards thoughtfully. "He wasn't just going after the cops that were shooting at him, he had a guy that he threw that I had to save. A little later, after he threw me through something, he almost attacked a new chopper. I had to slug him to get his attention back on me." His broad shoulders shrug, "'Hulk is strongest.' 'Leave Hulk alone.' 'Hulk hate puny man.' Hulk was saying stuff like that. Unless he came through an anomaly in the city and the police just started lighting him up when they saw him I don't know what could have gotten him started. The officers in this town tend to be professionals, though, I couldn't see them just drawing down on a guy because he's big and green. They deal with weird stuff all the time."

As the person moves in to take a picture with the pair of superheroes Granite says, "Be careful, this is a construction site. I wouldn't want you getting hurt trying to grab a photo."

Then it's back to the conversation at hand, "I can't really think of anything else he said that was meaningful. He threatened to kill me, but that's nothing new." The masked head shakes, "I just can't get over how pissed off he was. I know anger and that guy's got some serious problems."

The two individuals getting the photo quickly move off as Granite offers his warnings, though the one getting the photograph does inquire of his friend, "Did you get it??" Completely oblivious to the situation, and more enjoying the rarity of the photo. As they scamper off, the friend's voice echoes in return, though the construction going on makes it difficult to really hear what he said.

As for Erana - well, the construction cones warning people off suddenly get a ring of gold around them, as well. Her annoyance doesn't move through to her voice, keeping it as professional as ever. Neutral in tone, her expressions, however, are fairly easy to read.

Her nose wrinkles, the bottom lip rising upwards into a sneer. "I've watched the amateur videos of the incident, it looked intense." The sneer turns into a scowl again, upper teeth mauling away at her bottom lip. "Thank you for this information, if you can think of anything else that might help, contact Sentry help line." There's a pause, then Erana's reaching into her jacket, pulling forth a small card, which she hands over to Granite. "Here, actually. Contact this line, it goes straight to Airman, Mamba or myself, whoever is manning the line at that time. I realize you would like another shot at him, but Sentry is here to help, and we'd be happy to give assistance, should it be required." Fusion isn't going to step on the toes of other heroes, she's just going to make certain they realize Sentry is here to help as well.

"It was good to finally meet you in more than passing, Granite." Fusion's hand extends again, "Call on us for any troubles."

"It was rough, but I think I can take him if he comes back," Granite says to Fusion, sounding quite confident about himself. "Especially if I got you guys on speed dial. I don't usually do the team up thing but I'll make the exception for big, green and ugly," he says as he accepts the card from the young woman, looking at it for a moment before slipping it into a pouch on his belt and producing a card of his own, "The number probably won't be good for too long. I also usually listen in on the police band if it doesn't work."

When the heroine offers her hand again Granite takes it, "It was nice to get a chance to speak with you, Fusion. I'm around if you need the muscle."