2019-02-21: A Clash of Titans

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Featuring The Hulk, Granite
Rating PG
Synopsis The Hulk gets angry and starts smashing New York and Granite arrives to stop him. There is a brawl.

What. A. Terrible. Day.

Banner was just walking down the street, being incognito as the scientist he is. He was bringing a rare sort of flower back to his lab, believing it's history with herbal healing could help him in finding a cure for his affliction as the Hulk. However, things immediately took a turn for the worst when three crooks seemed to ambush him to get whatever was in the bag, beating on him.

Banner pleaded with them. "Stop stop! please!" he could feel it. The anger. The rage. Limitless in all of it's great possibilies. Banner closed his eyes...

When he opened them? They were a vibrant Green.

10 minutes later.

A monstrous, 8 foot tall musclebound beast roars as it leaps over a building and lands on a car. One of the crooks in his hand, he tosses the man across the street, and he will die on impact if someone doesn't catch him. Cops are already on the scene, firing their weapons at the Hulk, to no avail.

"LEAVE. HULK. ALONE!!" and he kicks one of the cop cars like it was a football, the car smashing into a building and exploding soon after.

Who will try to stop the Hulk's rampage?!

There's a loud roar as a motorcycle rips down the street, the man atop it wearing dark grays, his visage hidden behind a mask and glasses. It's Granite, local superhero and one of the defenders of this neighborhood.

The bike slides sideways as the hero jumps off of it to catch the figure being thrown across the street, cradling the man's body in his arms to try to protect him from any further damage as Granite take the brunt of the impact. Without missing a beat he sets the guy down, rises to his feet and turns to the police to yell, voice distorted by some sort of electronic gizmo, "Officers, get everyone out of here! I've got this handled."

Granite turns towards the big, green monster, shakes his head and says, "I hope you're as tough as you look. It's been a while since I've gotten a good workout." He walks quickly towards the being, turning his body as he approaches to take on a fighting stance.

The Hulk watches the man catch the flying crook, the criminal clearly looking TERRIFIED at what he just went through. God knows what happened to his friends. But the Hulk turns his full attention on Granite, and he growls. "HULK SMASH LITTLE MAN! HULK RIP OFF TALKING MAN'S HEAD!"

The Green Giant runs straight for Granite, and it's clear that the Hulk does not know any kind of legitimate martial arts, but rather just a wild beast swinging at everything that comes near. Unless Granite finds a way to stop the Hulk or counter him, the beast will try to punch Granite straight in the chest to knock him into the building behind him!


"Oh yeah. This'll be fun," Granite replies to the rampaging brute's loud yells as he watches the monstrosity charge towards him. Rather than attempt to get out of the way of the Hulk the gray clad hero dashes straight towards him. As the Hulk tries to punch him in the torso Granite tries for a grip on the big, green arm heading towards him.

It's clear in that moment that he underestimated his opponent when he fails to get the grapple and the blow lands, sending him flying backwards into a building and sending brick dust flying everywhere!

But this ain't Granite's first rodeo. On no. He pushes himself to his feet and darts out of the rubble and thick dust towards his foe, saying softly, "Note to self: don't let him punch you."

Hulk succeeds and smashing Granite against that building. Even after the hit, the Hulk is roaring at him defiantly, but then Granite is darting at him! He growls, and tries once again to swing at the daring hero who dares stand up to the savage Hulk!


The brute shouts, trying to clock Granite once more with a heavy handed hit! But since Granite was smaller, he might be faster and more agile....

The big guy telegraphs the blow and Granite is able to dart out of the way of the mighty fist, ducking low and to the side.

"Leave my city alone!" He shouts back at the Hulk as he rises to his feet, sending an uppercut towards his opponent's jaw with the sort of force that knocks engine blocks out of automobiles.

At the moment that blow should land, if things go Granite's way, the costumed adventurer is already launching into a series of blows, kicking hard in order to somewhat nullify the larger being's reach.

Hulk throws that humongous right hand and the smaller man dodges it! Hulk is uppercutted HARD! and he seems to stumble backwards. But clearly, this doesn't even knock down the green brute. Thus, the Hulk just shouts back! only to get attacked by a series of blows. Eventually though, Hulk will just try to quickly (and I mean QUICK) grab Grante, and proceed to try and slam him into the ground over and over again, like a gorilla pummeling a foreign invader.


The big green guy doesn't seem to know when to quit! As Granite attempts to keep up his combination of strikes he's suddenly snagged by the ankle with a grapple he didn't see coming. And then he's being whipped through the air and into the ground. Hard.

The blows shake him up and Granite finds himself flailing as he's smashed over and over again. The impacts crack concrete when his body hits ground and the man lets out a shout, no longer distorted as whatever electronic gadget was doing that for him is broken by now, "Gah!" SMASH! "LET!" SMASH! "ME!" SMASH "GO!"

Hulk is just rag-dolling Granite like a beast possessed. The ground is shattered from the heavy impact that seems to get bigger and bigger and bigger. Eventually though, Hulk tosses Granite into a nearby Big Rig Truck, probably knocking it completely over.


Then, there's a helicopter of flying overhead. A news crew. Hulk, blinded by rage looks at it, and it's clear what his intentions are before he even makes the attempt.

Wham! Granite bowls over the semi with his body, rolling along on the ground after it. Getting back to his feet takes some effort but the hero is still ready to go. Shaking his head before he focuses his attention on the Hulk the hero quickly realizes what's about to happen to the helicopter.

Bending his knees Granite launches himself through the air towards the green beast with a shout of rage, pulling back his fist to launch a punch as hard as he can manage, trying desperately to drop his formidable adversary.

The hulk looks like he's about to take the leap! before he finds Granite's hard fist against his temple, knocking the Hulk down though not out. The beast looks stunned, growling though as he leans against a street pole. that growl getting louder as it evolves slowly into a roar, attempting to smash Granite WITH that light pole. Afterwards though, hit or miss, the Hulk will pause, staring down his enemy.

His surprisingly persistent enemy.

Maybe just a little punch drunk from being slammed repeatedly into the ground, Granite doesn't even attempt to dodge the light pole. Instead he lifts both of his arms as if he were a boxer taking a haymaker and leans into the light pole. He slides backwards, nearly tripping before regaining his balance and returning to a fighting stance.

Covered in dust, his glasses missing a lens to reveal a dark colored eye and tan skin around it, clothes starting to tatter to show more skin, the superhero looks back at his enemy and blows out hard through his mouth. "You might be stronger than me, but I can take whatever you can dish out and I'm not going to let you hurt anyone."

The Hulk growls then as Granite stands his ground against the light pole. Angered beyond compare, The Hulk Leaps into the air! intending to land directly on Granite! "Hulk is strongest!! Hulk wants to be left alone!" Though if he does indeed land on Granite, Granite will discover that with gravity assisting, Hulk has one helluva curbstomp.

Though, Hulk briefly looks to an exit to the city. Clearly he wants to get gone. Cities and Hulk DO NOT mix.

"Then stay out of my town!" Granite yells back at the Hulk before the mean green smashing machine launches into the air. There's no way Granite's going to be waiting around to get smashed again, darting to the side to try to get some distance between himself and where he figures his adversary is going to land. The figure in gray is still a little off kilter, shaking his head again to try to get it to clear as he watches the landing to see what kind of impact it has.

The look in his one visible eye is approaching fury and Granite's teeth grit under the mask as he takes note of the Hulk looking for a way out, pausing to take a couple of deep breaths, anything to regain control before he loses his cool completely.

Seeing Granite dodge out of the way of Hulk's leap, the Hulk then leaves Granite alone after roaring at the down, but not out hero stood his ground against the rampaging beast. Hulk though, just....leaps away into the distance, roaring loudly.

Clearly, the Hulk was leaving the city. Would Granite stop the rampaging monster? Or would he take this time to rest...and recuperate. But clearly, unlike Granite, the Hulk was still in prime condition.

As Hulk takes off Granite runs a few feet and leaps into the air to follow behind, his first jump taking him to the roof of a nearby building. Despite his mounting injuries the hero doesn't seem to have been slowed down much.

He still can't keep up with the monster, however, and pauses at his vantage point to see if he's actually trying to leave. Once he's sure of it Granite remains still, taking deep breaths to try to calm himself, balling his hands into fists and watching as his impressive foe disappears into the distance. "You better run," the man mutters before turning to return to street level to see if any injured people need his attention.

And With that, The Incredible Hulk leaves the city. Though in his wake? the city shivers, shaken by the arrival and departure of such a thing.

There are more than a dozen injured and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. Granite has a new enemy....