2019-02-16: Of Gamma Rays and Scary Ways

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Featuring Airman, Black Mamba, Fusion, The Hulk
Rating PG-13
Synopsis After a very brief anomaly, Sentry investigates the scene, only to find a very nervous Bruce Banner among the crowd.

The New York Public Library, here Patience and Fortitude, the world-renowned pair of marble lions that stand proudly before the building, have captured the imagination and affection of New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world since the Library was dedicated on May 23, 1911. While the lions have gone through several names in their time, perhaps on this day nothing was quite as odd as what transpired. While the Anomaly was short, barely a few minutes - hardly enough time for anyone to really and fully react, the Library just up and disappeared. Poof. Everyone in it found themselves in the middle of a sea of dark brown grass, while the world around them was still towering skyscrapers and surprised people.

What made things a little bit worse was the fact the dark, brown grass had within it several female lions and one huge male. They looked just as startled as those around. The screams of the terrified did nothing to help with the situation, as the lions looked just as startled, and just when everything looked like it was going to be an old fashioned Gladiatorial fight of man versus lions..? The incursion stopped and everything returned to normal. The library returned, the lions were once again statues, and everyone was right back where they had started from.

Due to the strange, quick nature of the Anomaly, (and close proximity to Sentry Tower), Sentry members Fusion, Airman and Black Mamba have made an appearance. When Sentry entered the area, the crowd gathered all surged forward a bit, some yelling out, "Mamba! OMG! Sign an autograph!" Or "Can I have a selfie Airman!?" Or "HOLY GOD! I was so scared!!"

While Airman and Black Mamba deal with getting a cordoned off area, Erana is setting down Mamba's scientific equipment. Today is a day to gain what data is left behind, perhaps certain radiation signatures can be found, or anything at all. Fusion's golden aura gently lowers the equipment towards the ground, being careful not to touch them herself. The /last/ time Fusion touched something of Zara's, it ended up sparking for a week. Not due to anything Erana has as far as powers goes, it's just her and technology just don't mix.

A gentle but firm breeze accompanies the heroes of Sentry, centered around the blue-and-white clad Airman as he hovers in place. His cloud-like hair wafts this way and that, eyes glowing lightly white as he directs the wind as a make-shift crowd control, giving Fusion space to work. The steady stream of air isn't so strong or violent as to cause anyone or anything harm, but there's a definite point at which one can feel the wind as a deterrent, much like sticking one's hand out of the window of a fast-moving car.

"Okay everyone, let's have a little space now," Airman calls out good-naturedly, before some people off to his left start calling for selfies. There's a brief expression that crosses over his face - one that seems caught somewhere between an ego that's stoked by the adoration as well one of slight resignation at being accosted as such - but Airman is quick to swoosh over to the adoring fan for the photo, giving his signature 'blowback gust' of air right at the time of the selfie so that the individual's hair is blown about in all directions in photo, while Airman himself grins winningly.

Then, it's back to duty, the wind-controlling hero turning to check on both Black Mamba and Fusion, noting the latter's caution and care in setting up the equipment. "Let us know if you need any help, Fusion," he calls to her. "You said those things can pick up the traces of energy left by the anomaly? Something Ring whipped up, or...?" He's still getting up to speed on everything since returning to Sentry and isn't ashamed to ask questions like this in public.

Bruce Banner had been wandering almost aimlessly. Dressed in a loose polo shirt wit ha jean jacket over his shoulders, some worn black pants, and regular shoes. He has a bag over his shoulder, but...imagine his surprise when he notices what looks like a premier team of super heroes.

Sentry? He doesn't know them. He doesn't know ANYTHING about this world. Only that it is much, much different from his own. He seems to try and find a place in the crowd where he could at least hide out, not wanting to approach them, but he does watch.

What kind of people were they? Were they heroes in the sense that he knows? Or are they a stricter form of justice in all of it's harsh realities?

So many questions, so little time.

"I was promised lions. I think we've been had." Zara Breinholst, Sentry's Black Mamba, had remarked to Fusion as the New York Public Library, and not a field full of actual lions, appeared before them on the way over. Once she's down on the ground - being the only member of the trio who can't fly under her own power - she takes just a moment to add, "And be careful with my gear. I still don't know //what// you did to it last time!" Before switching into a more professional mode. Which, until said gear does get arranged, means PR.

Or possibly being trampled by an excited crowd. One or the other.

Zara takes one look at the number of people heading their way - Airman having distracted all of one of them - and decides to take one for the team. Rising a little higher than usual on her tail - as if a half woman, half snake creature wearing a Sentry uniform wouldn't be distinctive enough, Zara slithers forward to meet the crowd half way, tapping her earpiece and speaking a quick, quiet message to Airman. "You cordon, I'll meet and greet." But then there's a genuine-looking smile on her face as she starts to do just that.

"Anyone who got eaten by lions, front of the queue!" She calls in an amused tone, deftly fielding whatever it was she was being asked to sign and dashing off a quick signature before handing it back. "Nothing to worry about now, but we'll be here a while taking some readings." She grins. "Did anyone see what actually happened?"

A young teenager, probably no more than seventeen or eighteen, idly slides in as close as she can get to the 'air' cordoned off area. Her eyes are shining quite bright as she lets out a slight squee of noise RIGHT next to Banner. It isn't too loud, but it's still a squee. Her eyes, shining blue gems, turn to Bruce, excitement in her gaze. "Oh My GOSH! It's Zara!!" It's as though she's looking at a celebrity of the likes of a famous pop-star, or Hollywood actor. The girl's gaze remains on Bruce. "Can you believe it!? I'm so excited. I wonder if she'll give out autographs.."

Fusion finally sets the equipment down, answering Airman's questions with a slight shrug. "Ring's stuff, Zara's stuff. It's.. ah. Tech. Stuff." Which is about as technical as Erana can get right now, she just hopes she didn't BREAK anything. Tendrils of gold reach outwards collecting the power cords as Fusion's gaze flickers around the area. The crowd of people about is given a stern expression of distaste. Couldn't Airman have moved them back A LITTLE MORE? Thankfully Zara is on it as far as PR goes, leaving Erana to move towards the inside of the Library itself and plug all of the devices in. A few minutes later and the equipment begins to hum to life.

An older woman in her sixties, idly steps towards the front, co-incidentally also next to Banner - only on his other side. "I wasn't eaten." She calls out towards Zara. "But I saw the entire thing!"

A few other people also call out, "I did!" "I was in the library!" "OMG! CAN I HAVE A SELFIE ZARA!" (The last is the young girl next to Bruce.)

"How it is that the snake gets all of the good press, I have yet to figure out," Airman remarks gamely in response to the throng of people that are truly agog to engage with Zara. He shakes his head with a smile as he continues to hover about above the steps to the library, the wind-cordon serving to keep the majority of the crowd back towards the street, away from Fusion and easier for Mamba to deal with. Despite the words, it's clear that Airman doesn't really mind at all that Zara is getting all of the teenaged squees and hollers. He's mostly just pleased to be here and enjoying working with a group again, especially Sentry.

To Fusion, Airman responds through the comlink, his tone still carrying with it slight amusement. "Still the gearhead of the group I see. Glad Lady L was able to get you up to speed on everything like she threatened..." Not that Airman has ever been any better at the high-science stuff. He's about to add something else, when the crowd surges just a bit, all of them clamoring and such in response to Zara's inquiries. "Hey, careful now..." he warns to some of the ones in front who are pushing and shoving each other a little too much in their eagerness. He gives a light whoosh of air in that direction, as a reminder for everyone to stay orderly, drifting closer to the street as he does so. "Mind your neighbors, everyone." Admidst the energetic crowd, Airman does notice one towards the front who seems to be acting a little oddly, if not perhaps actually suspicious, and the floating hero gives the haggard looking man careful scrutiny for a moment, though as of yet says nothing to or about him. Instead, he speaks back into his comlink. "Zara, let me know if you need an aerial shot of you and, well, everyone. Do you pay folks to be in your fan club or something?"


Bruce actually -winces- as the little girl beside him is basically losing her mind over Black Mamba. But...if those heroes are tracking anomaly distortions....are...are they looking for him?! But, don't jump to conclusions Bruce...and most importantly:


He stays put right where he is, though he does rub his ear to manage the eardrum that was just ruptured by a squeel that might as well be used to fuel a sonic cannon. He listens as people cry out that they saw everything, and will simply wait to see what exactly it is these heroes are looking for (or tracking).

Banner might be (albeit mildly) starting to kinda panic. But, he regulates himself. Keeps the adrenaline low. Breathing techniques.

Zara is, indeed, giving autographs. If she'd stopped at just the one... well, she'd probably have been better off taking her chances with those lions she was promised. And being torn apart by teenagers would be an ignominious way for her career with Sentry to end. Whether she was meant to or not, she catches Airman's comment, but doesn't reply. It does make her smile a little wider, however.

"Glad to hear it." Zara tells the older lady in a slightly more serious tone than she'd just been using. Know your audience, and all that. "I'd like to hear everything you can tell me." She casually activates the discreet recording device built in to her uniform, although considering how many people are talking all at once, it's going to take some work to sort out the various voices. Zara's eyes track across to the girl who's practically vibrating with excitement, hesitating for just an instant as they pass over the wincing man between the older woman and the girl. Three generations of the same family? No, definitely not, and he looks uneasy. She gives him a quick smile intended to be reassuring (from the snake monster, but it's well meant) and then finally proves that she IS aware that the girl beside him actually exists. "Sure." She says, "But just one, OK?" She takes the offered phone, holds it at arm's length, drapes the end of her tail over the girl's shoulder, tilts the phone a little to ensure the shot's at an arty angle, click, done... except Airman's back in her ear, and that makes her feel a bit mischievous . "OK maybe two. Give Airman a wave, he's feeling unloved." She points to the hovering hero, click, really done this time. The phone is handed back, and Zara hopes she has at least two seconds' breathing room as the girl shows the pictures to everyone who just saw them actually taken.

Green eyes - a green not found naturally in humans - lock onto Bruce's. "Are you feeling OK?" She asks, her tone pleasant and concerned, but her eyes unblinking. Even in the crush of the crowd, she's giving him her full attention. "Did you see something? Is the crowd too much?" She's left her comms on. Hopefully Airman is listening.

For all of their excitement and eagerness at seeing Sentry, the crowd begins to calm some as Airman issues forth his command while backing it up with a little buffer of wind. The young girl that squealed quiets some as she not only gets her way, but gets TWO shots. As Zara mentions Airman being unloved, the girl lets out a soft giggle, and just before Zara can leave, she flings her arms about the snake's neck and gives a quick hug, before backing away again.

The crowd continues to chatter about what happened, leaving a complete chorus of noise on Zara's recorder. "I was sitting inside." "I was getting a photo of the lions." "I was eating a hot dog." "Everything disappeared." "There were lions in the field!" "It didn't last long." "Do you molt or lay eggs?" "Everything turned back to normal and I was back in the library at the stacks." "I wasn't eaten, but I thought I was going to be!" And so on.

In Zara and Joey's ear-piece, a tone of amusement can be heard. "You're just jealous everyone loves the snake. And you really. Really don't want me messing with this equipment." Stepping out of the Library and down the steps, Fusion's stride is filled with purpose as she heads towards the police that are starting to bring barriers and help further separate the crowd from what is going on. Erana's voice can almost be heard above the conversations going on. "Afternoon, Captain. We're just collecting information on the anomalies right now. See if anything is the same from one anomaly to the next."

The machines, meanwhile, do begin beeping forth their readings, not that Erana would understand anything that is being read right now.

At just about the same time that Zara notices the wincing and very uneasy form of Dr. Banner, Airman is about to say something to her, having already been watching the man. "Zara," he begins, "There's..." And then she's already in motion, having picked up on the strange-acting man independently. Airman smiles to himself at the woman's professionalism, nodding. "Oh good, you're on him. Careful, he's been acting a little strange." He keeps his voice low as he speaks into the comm system, the general rush of air around him serving also to help mask his words from being overheard by anyone else.

In the next moment, he's back to helping keep the crowd under control, gently expanding the wind barrier with little puffs and gusts of air that help to give the arriving policemen room to set up proper barricades. "Morning, officers!" he announces to the boys in blue, offering a cheerful salute to them. With each police cordon that's set down, Airman is able to lessen his own wind barrier, until the thick breeze that had been keeping folks out from the library or where the sensors are doing their things is all but gone, physical structures now doing the same job instead.

With a small flourish, Airman lands on the ground then, a number of paces behind Zara, giving a quick glance to Fusion to make sure she's okay over talking to the police captain, before returning his attention to Mamba and the uneasy fellow. "Crowd's on the PD's cognizance but say the word and I can do some pinpoint isolation," he speaks lowly into the comlink. He then crosses to approach Banner and Zara directly, glancing from one to the other as he listens for the man's response to Zara's questions.

And everything was going so well.

Banner is questioned by Black Mamba, and he seems to visibly gulp. "Hm? O-oh, uh...n-nothing! Nothing's wrong. I'm okay, just...ah...not used to being around large crowds like this." he rubs his arms. This could be a reason for anything. Maybe he has a medical condition or mental problem?

...or he's just a pansy.

He notices Airman coming towards them too, and he seems to blink a few times. "um...uh...c-c-c-can I help you?" NOW Bruce looks nervous. Don't turn green, don't get angry, just....be. "I didn't see much of anything, no...but maybe s-someone else could help you there?"

Zara's demeanour doesn't change when Airman's warning arrives in her ear. It's not telling her anything she hasn't already seen for herself, but she appreciates the thought. Her own concern is pretty simple. This guy might be harmless, but he's at the centre of a fair sized crowd, which is hard up against Airman's air-barrier. If he's //not// harmless, people could get hurt.

Surreptitiously, Zara's been slowly lowering herself on her tail so she's just slightly shorter than the man, the better to seem unintimidating. She smiles sympathetically at him. "They can be a bit overwhelming, right?" She agrees, sensing Airman's approach - and the effect it has on the nervous man in front of her. "Hey, don't mind him. He's just jealous I'm getting all the attention. Why don't you come with me for a minute, you can take a breather and tell me what you //did// see. I want to hear from everyone, every little detail, right?" Her voice is full of friendly reassurance, but she really doesn't blink as much as a normal person.

"Airman? Can you take over for me?" She asks without looking around. "I'll be back in just a little bit!" She says a little more loudly to the crowd in general, in case denial of selfies might cause a riot. "This way, it's fine." She tells the man. "What's your name?" She adds, as she backs toward her equipment. Hopefully Airman will have the presence of mind to let her through the barrier.

This way, if anything goes wrong... it'll just be her and her equipment that's likely to suffer.

As for the leader of Sentry? She's talking with the police Captain, but keeping a very close watch on what is going on in the crowd. The chatter between Joey and Zara is heard, and calculated in. As the last of the barriers are put into place, Fusion excuses herself from the police. "Thank you, officers. We're glad it wasn't very bad, too. We'll just get our equipment when its done and be on our way."

The officers of the law, New York's Finest, are starting to disperse the crowd a lot more now. "Shows over folks. You can visit Sentry tower for autographs. C'mon now. We need to get traffic going again. Everyone disperse. Move." They set aside one of the barriers for Bruce to walk through on Zara's command, before setting the barrier back in place.

The crowd does slowly begin to disperse then, the people crowding around the barriers slowly start to move off, muttering about how exciting it was to see Sentry, or how very scary the incursion was, or even what they're going to eat tonight. Of course, there's the one that didn't get an answer, as he pouts and stomps off. "Didn't even answer."

The hum of machinery continues onward, as someone like Zara or Bruce can tell they're collecting information on the different chemicals, gases, even radiations that might be around the library. At best guess, the data the machines are collecting are simply shots in the dark, something to try and track, and see if anything, even in the most remote, is the same from one incursion to the next.

Considering Fusion is not very personable, nor does she even believe herself to be personable, that's Joey and Zara's trick, her voice echoes forth from Zara and Joey's ear-piece, "I've got the crowd, Joey see if the man is okay, and call medical if not. Poor soul, I know how he feels in crowds."

It's then Fusion draws towards the crowds, a golden bull horn in her hands. "Thank you everyone for your help today. Sentry appreciates your time. Now please leave." Erana. PR nightmare.

At the stammering and even more nervous gestures, Airman keeps a respectable distance from Banner and Mamba, his arms held non-threateningly at his sides. To keep up that friendly facade, the hero quips easily to Black Mamba, his features grinning, "Eh, you're only getting all the attention because I haven't been back with Sentry that long. Give it a couple weeks and it'll change." He's kidding around, but does seem to leap at the opportunity to 'take over' the task of engaging with the throng of people, nodding quickly to the snake-woman. "On it," he answers, a small gust of air accompanying his quick whoosh over to the front of the crowd, where they are now kept back by the orange-and-white barricades of the poice department. "Okay, okay, everyone. Selfies and autographs, you'll all get your turn. If you've got anything odd to report from the anomaly, hang tight to the left-hand side, there's a nice man in a police uniform there taking statements too. I'm guessing that means he's an actual police officer, so..." He grins and winks over in the direction of the man, before he starst to take a few selfies with folks, his signature 'blow-back' style given to each one.

Not many are able to be given, though, before the police start to break things up - to which Joey almost reluctantly seems to finally help with. "Okay gang," he calls out to the remaining crowd. "You heard 'em, you can meet everyone back at the tower later. I think Black Mamba has a meet and greet scheduled this evening at the Outlook." He opens his mouth to continue, when Era indicates she's got the rest of the crowd duty - and, to his better judgement, Joey lets her do such, moving back towards Zara and Banner. Unable to diguise the slight wince at the brusque tones that Fusion uses.

"Okay, well. That's one way..." he remarks, more to himself than anyone else, before addressing Zara and Banner. "Crowd's on it's way out. Everything good over here?" He lands on the ground again, his eyes turning from lightly glowing white to their standard brown color, though his hair remains cloudy and wispy.

Oh yay, the crowd is leaving!

Oh shit, Banner's being questioned.

Cue internal screaming about at this time.

Being directed by Zara to follow, Bruce seems to relax a bit more. These guys are superheroes right? So he should be okay...well, EVERYTHING ELSE should be okay. Long as the Hulk doesn't come out, everything is sunshine and rainbows. "Bruce." he relcutantly says. "Bruce Banner." Because why on earth would they know that name in a completely different dimension than where he originated?

It's a pretty safe bet. He does keep a wary eye on Airman. He seems to be quite tough, but Bruce stopped his nervous babbling, giving a small smile in greeting to Airman. Fusion also gets a bit of a nod. but Banner is still keeping to himself.

Why? these guys are like...the coolest of hte cool, right?

"Good to meet you, Bruce. I'm Zara." She attempts a disarming smile. It's all going well, almost as if it's been choreographed. Zara's drawing Bruce away from the crowd, Joey's taking over (and apparently happy to receive the attention!)... and then Fusion's shouting at people to go away. Zara's team leader has many skills. Diplomacy is not one of them.

Zara looks a bit pained, glancing Joey's way and spreading her hands in a helpless gesture, but is quick to nod an answer to his question. "All good." She confirms. "I'm just going to hear what Bruce saw while the crowd... leaves." She shakes her head slightly. She's going to have to talk to Fusion about her people skills. Again.

Drawing near to her equipment, which has been happily purring away to itself up until this point, there's an insistent beep. Zara frowns, and glances Fusion's way. What, exactly, has she done to her gear this time, is the thought that's clearly written on her expression, but then the beep comes again, insistently. "Just a second." She says to Bruce, and glides over to check the readings. Her body goes abruptly still, and she slowly looks up at Bruce. "Bruce? Please don't worry, but... Have you been feeling unwell recently? Any fever? Unusual fatigue? Dehydration?" If the anomalies are dosing people with radiation sickness now, that's something Sentry needs to know.

Technically, the coolest of the cool (super heroes wise at least), is something of debate for talk shows and other social media. Who are the coolest super heroes about? Sentry? Beacon? Who's the coolest hero or heroine out there! Liberty's Angel? Gemma Stone? Punch Lion? For some reason, Fusion is never on one of those lists, while her team-mates are at least in the top ten. That aside, at least, Fusion's brisk manner has once again not gained her any fans, as people begin to sullenly move away and leave the area. The police, at least, do appreciate her direct approach if nothing else.

As the traffic in the area once again starts to pour through, and just a small number of gawkers remain, the area is beginning to turn back into a normal pattern of the day. The officer that Airman directed people to continues to take statements, though most of it is just brief comments about what they were doing at the time, and what happened afterwards. Everyone, it seems, has pretty much the same statement.

The silver haired leader of Sentry then turns her attention towards the inside of the barrier, it might be noted, there are currently no one seeking Fusion's autograph, nor selfie. Era's gaze moves from the crowd, to Zara, then back to the crowd. She'll keep people in line.

Despite whatever hoodoo that Airman may have over the uneasy and unnerved Dr. Banner, the windy hero does his best to keep an affable smile and friendly expression on his features. "Airman," he introduces himself, though his tone of voice is one that suggests this is information that Bruce probably already knows and the greeting is really just a formality. Afterwards, he gives Bruce and Zara some distance, scanning the surrounding area to make certain that there aren't any stragglers from the crowd that he needs to give a gentle wind-push to in order to help them along.

To Zara's helpless shrug, Joey lifts his eyebrows, a return expression that seems just as much of a loss as the one given to him. Yes, they're definitely going to need to have some discussions with Fusion about her heroic bedside manner, but there'll be time enough for that later. Not for the first time, Airman finds himself missing Brass Ring and the easy nature the leader had about himself when it came to handling people, in both large groups and small. The nostalgic expression passes over his face but for a moment, before the odd beep on Zara's equipment snaps him out of it.

"Uh, hope that's not a bad sign," he remarks quietly, though he clams up to let Zara make her questions to Bruce un-hindered. He keeps one ear open in their direction as he moves to stand alongside Fusion with little else to do at the moment to keep himself busy. "I saw Midge had some sort of fruit salad special she was working on for breakfast this morning," he remarks to Erana. "Kiwis and acai berries and stuff. Was that yours?" His tone is pretty deadpan, but there's just the barest hint of teasing to it.

Oh shit.

Bruce seems to get nervous again as Zara riddles him with questions as to his health. Be honest? Or lie? Bruce is going with the verbal mislead as the better part of valor. "Uhm...no? I feel fine. Perfectly fine, in fact. No nasea or anything like that." and he did look to be in perfect shape! no horrid arthritis or looking rather ghastly from Radiation poisoning and he does't look like he's five seconds from dropping dead.

"Why? What's wrong?'

Because if that's a Gamma detector, then...he's either gonna get quarantined or they're gonna really start asking him questions, and he'll have to tell the truth.

With Fusion's personality and Airman's barrier keeping the crowd at bay, Zara has a clear run at Bruce. And perhaps unsurprisingly, her line of questioning doesn't do much to put him at his ease. Zara, though, is getting more than unease from him. She's getting a definite shifty vibe from him, too.

"That's good to hear." She says, slithering back around her equipment to join him once more - and incidentally hovering at optimum strike range if she needs to engage in a bit of judicious fanging. "But that does mean I'm a little bit confused. Now don't panic." She lays it on a bit thick, running on a hunch that what she's about to say won't be news. "But my equipment is picking up some radiation. I'm a little worried the anomaly might have rubbed off on you." So casual, so reassuring, so unblinking a stare. "So I'd like you to come back to Sentry HQ so I can check you over properly."

She tilts her head to one side, as if an inconsequential thought has just come to her. "Unless there's anything you'd like to tell me first?"

Oh no. Oh nonononononononononono.

This is bad!

"Uhm...w-well, that's..not uh, uncommon, but....uhm..." he rubs the back of his neck. No getting out of this one. "I'm a scientiest who used to work in Gamma radiation for the military. Wanted me to help recreate a famous super soldier. It backfired." he sighs.

"I'm a walking Gamma reactor. and you don't want to know what happens if I get angry. So please, please, please...don't make me angry." this wasn't a 'puff out his chest and cue holier-than-thou' statements, but literally genuine fear.

"I'll go back with you, and answer any questions you might have." Bruce says almost defeatedly. Well, so much for trying to be low-key. "I...also think I'm from another dimension." he adds. Which is juuuust great.

Everything that is going on with Zara and Bruce - Erana and Joey can hear, whether it's from their com-links, or just being in the general area. Yet, there is one thing that Erana has to state before she moves. And that is to turn, cast her gaze at Joey and offer a smile that is hardly friendly. "Why yes. Yes it was. And it was delightful. I've informed Midge that everyone in Sentry requires the same diet so everyone can feel just as great as I do. She's, therefore, changed everyone's diet to match." Which isn't true, Zara has a completely different diet than anyone else, but Erana's hedging a bluff.

Still, afterwards, Erana's moving towards Zara and Bruce, and offers a very firm, but quiet. "Only if you wish to do so, Mr. Banner." It would appear that he is a STRAY. Someone that came in from the anomalies, and Erana has absolutely no desire to put anyone under house arrest, even if they have weird radiation, and it completely and utterly makes any weird behavior from him understandable.

"Thank you for letting us know, sir. We greatly appreciate it. While I know Zara would love to ask a million questions, you are not required to do so. Feel free to leave, and continue your day. However, if you would like to answer questions, and it would not be upsetting to you, you may visit Sentry Tower with us, or come in and visit any time you would like. Just leave your name with the security guards, and they'll direct you to us." The small, petit, silver haired woman's voice is firm, calculated, a professional tone that does not carry any emotion to it, just completely neutral.

Just one of Zara's eyebrows quirks up when Bruce makes his abortive attempt to talk his way out of the fix he's just landed himself in by, to be fair, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The snake-woman's expression shouts 'really?' loudly enough that she doesn't seem to need to say it, because he crumbles right after.

The story might sound ludicrous at face value, but he's telling it to the result of another ill-advised science experiment, so she's willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. "I don't want to make you angry, Bruce." She tells him, soberly. "But you have to know that I have a responsibility to those people over there." She nods her head toward the crowd. "So lets stay friends, OK?" She might be the weakest member of Sentry, but she IS a member of Sentry, and she takes it seriously.

As Fusion comes up to join them, Zara finds herself holding her breath, but what do you know, Sentry's leader is better at talking to nervous, possibly dangerous people who want to be somewhere else than the team's own 'adoring' public. Who knew?

Zara lets Fusion make the pitch, but just has to add at the end, "But if you come back with us now, you'll get a free ride." She shrugs, disarmingly. Her own scientific curiosity is piqued, after all.