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The tiny-plot application. 1. Name:

The name of the tiny-plot.

2. Characters Needed:

Who all is required to be in the plot? Are any temporary characters required?

3. Plot Outline:

What we need here is a simple run-down of the major points of the TP. How it starts and what key events you have planned for it. Since it is a lot more fun to have TPs left open and not scripted, this does not need to be a detailed section - just give us a good idea of what's going to be taking place.

4. Possible Endings:

In order to get a feel for what different directions the TP may take, we ask that you list the different results and outcomes. Try to think of every possible result here - for anything can happen once RP begins.

5. Desired Outcome:

This is the final ending that you want to see happen, and that, in most cases, you are probably designing the TP around. Please go into detail with this - tell not only what the TP will end with, but what repercussions this ending will have, and any further directions for RP it may spawn.

6. Back-up plan:

While you do not intend for things to go wrong, a lot of times the best of plans do not work out. Please list a fail-safe back-up plan should nothing work out. (IE: What are you going to do if you can't get anyone on, and no one together at the same time? How are you going to end this if something unexpected happens?)

7. Continuity Concerns:

Are there any parts or results of your TP that effect continuity, in any manner? Is there an established thing about your character that you're changing, a prominent structure that's being laid waste to? If so, what ramifications will the TP hold?

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