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* Orphaned at a young age, raised in Queens by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May.
* Excelled in school from an early age, but became social outcast.
* End of freshman year in high-school, was bitten by radioactive spider while on science field trip.
* Radioactive Spider Bite gave him enhanced strength, agility, reflexes and wall-crawling.
* Initially used abilities to gain local fame and earn money as masked Spider-Man.
* Selfish attitude and greed resulted in the death of Uncle Ben, killed by a mugger that Peter had the opportunity to stop before hand, but had not.
* Learned that with Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility (tm).

* Began to adventure in Spider-Man costume publically as a hero
* Continued to adventure throughout New York as Spider-Man, though received negative press.
* In an attempt to bolster public image (and earn money), became freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, selling photos of Spider-Man in action.
* Graduated with honors from Midtown High School, enrolled in Columbia University on scholarship.
* Spent four years at Columbia University. During this time, fought villains such as Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture, Electro and others.
* Dated Black Cat, but mutually ended relationship.
* Dated Mary Jane Watson, a reporter at the bugle. Relationship ended as Peter was too protective of her.

* After graduation, gained job working as lab assistance to Otto Octavius.
* As Spider-Man, aided NYPD in finally apprehending the notorious Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk.
* Helped to thwart wave of crime that swept city after Fisk's arrest.
* Instrumental in the defeat of Mr. Negative and stopping the deadly Devil's Breath virus, though at the cost of Aunt May's life.
* Witnessed the breakdown of his mentor, Dr. Octavius, who adopted the identity of Dr. Octopus and teamed up with the worst of Peter's former adversaries. Spider-Man was ultimately victorious, saving New York from the Sinister Six's reign.
* Was promptly transported to this world immediately afterwards, where he has been forced to find shelter, employment, and a clue (or a dozen) as to just what the heck is going on...

Peter Parker has always felt himself to be a bit of an outcast, hearkening back to his youth when he was orphaned as a young boy. While his Aunt May and Uncle Ben were as loving and supportive as any parents could hope to be, the loss of his parents set Peter on a path that would define him in later years. Despite (or perhaps because of) his academic prowess, he was a social outcast in school, and continues to have difficulties with interpersonal relationships today. He's shy, non-confrontational, introverted and generally awkward. Yet, as Spider-Man, Peter has found license to free himself from these traits, and when hiding behind his mask he allows himself to be an extrovert, using humour as both a defense mechanism to help deal with the often life-threatening situations he finds himself in, as well as a means to both set friends at ease and to frustrate enemies. Above all, however, Spider-Man is prompted to use his abilities pro-actively as a force for good, having learned the hard way that with such great power, also comes great responsibility.


Spider-Man's strength is such that he can bend steel bars with ease, lift cars and punch holes through steel and reinforced concrete with minimal effort. He has enhanced stamina that allows him to operate at peak efficiency for extended periods of time without tiring, and can also recover faster than a normal human from injury and toxins. Spider-Man is also able to perform feats of dexterity and agility that are far beyond that of normal humans, with a flexibility that allows him to twist and flip in ways that sometimes appear physically impossible. Even without the use of his spider-sense, he has high-level reflexes that allow him to react almost instantaneously to the world around him.


Spider-Man has unique warning system he calls his 'Spider-Sense'. This ability alerts him to imminent danger, and coupled with his superhuman agility, allows him to perform such stunts as being able to dodge automatic weapons fire at point-blank range. Spidey's Spider-Sense can warn against danger sources ranging from pre-meditated attacks, to random occurrences or even computer generated threats, and also grants him a limited spacial awareness that lets him navigate in the dark.


Spider-Man is also able to 'wall-crawl', allowing him to climb vertical or inverted surfaces without falling off. He can 'stick' to surfaces in this manner by using any part of his body, giving him the ability to walk or run either sideways or upside-down as well as more traditional crawling, and he can even carry items or people on his back using this special adhesion. This ability is consciously activated, and can be hindered by ultra slick or lubricated surfaces. Of course, the more contact he has a with a surface (i.e., both feet and both hands) the better he's able to cling.

Peter Parker is a gifted scientist, and holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, but is actually a formidable academic powerhouse in many fields, able to keep pace with some of the brightest minds on the planet (at least, the planet he was from). He is accomplished in practical applications of mechanical engineering, electronics, applied chemistry and physics, among others.

More than just the academic brilliance of his mind, Peter is able to use the various disciplines in which he's proficient in tandem with each other to create gadgets and inventions that suit various needs. He created his own webbing material and shooters, and has further enhanced both with such gadgets as electric/taser webbing, web bombs, trip-wire webbing, impact webbing and rapid-fire webs, to name a few. He's also designed his own suit, which boasts photo-adaptive eye lenses and a highly impact resistant but breathable fabric, and his unique Spider Tracers which he's able to track using his own Spider-Sense.

Peter is a capable photographer, and has managed to (mostly) support himself as a freelance photographer. He has an eye for photographic composition, knowing how best to use lighting, shadow and angles, and compliments that innate talent with a robust knowledge of lens apertures, shutter speeds and other camera specifics. He's also well versed in developing his own film, and can do so with a minimum of materials and resources if needed, improvising film solution out of household cleaners or other materials if absolutely necessary.

Spider-Man is a capable hand-to-hand combatant, using his strength, agility, intelligence and Spider-Sense in tandem to employ a freestyle form of combat that is both difficult to emulate and to counteract. While he has never received formal training, his natural abilities combine with his on-the-job experience to make him a combatant with little equal. Along with his penchant for using 'snappy patter' to distract or anger his opponent, Spider-Man is able to emerge victorious against easily more powerful foes or against otherwise overwhelming odds.

He may have been given the proprortionate abilities of a spider, but one of the overarcing themes of Peter Parker's life is that he can't ever seem to really catch a break, at least not at the small stuff. He's been evicted from his apartment due to late rent payments, hasn't been able to keep a steady girlfriend (one he drove away because he was over protective, the other girl he was closest to was a career criminal), was an orphan and caused the death of his uncle due to inaction and had to sacrifice his aunt for the greater good. He's been villified by the press and had to watch his mentor and employer turn into one of his greatest enemies. For whatever reason, Peter can't ever seem to catch a break.

Only recently having arrived to this world, Peter has no home, no contacts, no money. He may be able to gain a job that pays well enough for a cheap apartment somewhere, but it will take a lot of time and effort for him to get the lay of the land and some solid footing. Not to mention to build up a reputation - as either Peter Parker /or/ Spider-Man.

While Peter Parker is a genuinely funny individual - especially when he's cracking wise as Spider-Man - he has used his humor as a defense mechanism so often that it's become a crutch to him which he will often use at in appopriate times or situations. What he feels may be a needed break in the tension can be seen as insensitive or rude by others, and even when the defense mechanism is employed properly Peter relies on it to such a degree that he often avoids emotional situations or connections through its use and can keep individuals at an emotional distance when otherwise letting them in may be what he - and they - truly want or need.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility. Yes, the words may seem cliche at this point, but they're true. Peter has learned the hard way that his powers are not just a gift - they're a burden, meant to be used for the greater good. While he still does his best to remain fun-loving and friendly, he knows deep down that his is destined to be a life of sacrifice.

Back home, Spider-Man had amassed quite a catalog of villains who have had more than a beef to grind with him. From Electro, Rhino, Vulture and Scorpion to larger players such as Mr. Negative, Hammerhead and the Kingpin of Crime himself, he's made no shortage of enemies. While he's yet to meet any of them yet in this world, with the way that anomalies seem to work, it's only a matter of time before one of them - or a counterpart who hates Spider-Man just as much - shows up to ruin his day.

Fun Fact:

Spider-Man's new white-spider costume was designed by Peter's former mentor Otto Octavius - who later went insane and terrorized New York as the evil Dr. Octopus.