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The out of character & in character mu* rating. For all purposes we are going by the Motion Picture Association Of America for ratings. Alternate Identities has two ratings that we will follow and in the extreme, enforce.


We are a 'PG' game in all matters 'OOC', this includes conversation in the 'OOC' Lounge, through all public channels, as well as on the bboards and in the +finger command. We ask that you refrain from indecent or vulgar language, there will be no sexual or sexual orientated conversations, and violence will be kept at a minimum.


We understand there are characters and certainly situations that will arise through the course of role-play that go beyond a 'PG' rating. Due to this, while 'IC' or 'In Character' we do allow a more mature and adult orientated rating. To that end, the 'IC' realm may occasionally have situations that delve into the 'R' rating. While not all role-play will be of this nature, we will not restrict or forbid scenes from including such content. No player may be under the age of eighteen years old.

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