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Policies on newspaper articles. As is the case on many online role-playing environments, Alternate Identities will support the use of MUX Bulletin Boards to serve as the link to the In-Character media - specifically, newspapers. While these bulletin boards will be open for anyone to use, there are a few guidelines and expectations for their use that are as follows.

1: Characters who are approved as part of the general media (i.e., newspaper reporters, editors, photographers and the like) will have precedence over other players in the posting of news from public scenes or events. So, if there is a battle in Central Park and a reporter from the New York Record is present, please ask them before posting a separate news brief about the encounter.
2: News posts should be carefully examined and proofread for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. As this is our representation of the media, it is important to maintain the illusion of reality with as few errors as possible. News posts that are plagued with errors of this nature will be asked to be edited, or in the event of non-compliance, will be removed.
3: Unless specifically marked as an editorial or opinion article, posts made on the Newspaper boards should be free of any bias, prejudice or partiality. Newspaper articles should be objective, and refrain from reporting anything other than the facts of the matter at hand. Again, news posts that violate this edict will have a request made for change, or they will be removed.

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