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Mr. Meticulous

A masked man of mystery, Mr. Meticulous is the leader of a criminal mercenary company called Effortless Perfection and a dangerous super villain in his own right. Mr. Meticulous and his troops are well armed, well trained, utterly ruthless and very effective, making him highly sought after by people and organizations wishing to make an impact. Mr. Meticulous possesses no moral code and won't hesitate to kill bystanders if it will lead to the completion of a mission.

Mr. Meticulous possesses the power to become intangible for short periods of time. This power enables him to avoid injury, evade capture and break into the most secure facilities with ease.

Fun Fact:

Mr. Meticulous and Effortless Perfection once overthrew the government of a small nation but when payment for the operation fell through they returned the surviving government officials to power and killed the man who failed to pay them.