Liberty's Angel

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Liberty's Angel

For some, the spark of inspiration to become a hero is not linked to a disaster or tragedy, but instead is part of her very genetic make-up. Sabrina DeWitt, raised under the shadow of her super heroic parents, Lieutenant Liberty and the Avenging Angel, spent her life listening to heroic tales of adventure. She was taught not only self reliance, but the true difference between right and wrong. Justice was not a means to achieve glory, but a never ending self sacrifice for those that are unable to protect themselves, a duty that only a few can ever truly accept. As she grew older, the deeply rooted sense of justice still flourished deep within, and she knew without a moment's hesitation or doubt that she wanted to become a hero. Upon graduating from high school, Sabrina fashioned a costumed of her own; seeking a name that would give homage to her parents, while still being a unique identity, she became Liberty's Angel.

Sabrina has heightened reflexes enabling her to move and react faster than normal humans, well beyond peak human abilities. She uses this with her skill in many different forms of martial arts to combat evil.

Fun Fact:

Liberty's Angel dyes her hair red, her normal hair color is more brown. Sabrina has also been given the 'most beautiful women of the year' award three years in a row by People magazine.