How To Apply For A Character Concept

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Information on applying for a character concept. We do not allow guests onto the game, any potential player must send an email with the following pre-application before they are allowed onto the game. All newsfiles are located on the webpage, as well as approved character information and logs. This is enough for any potential player to decide if the game is worth applying for.

It is important to note, we look at all pre-applications with a critical eye. If we find at any point that the information given to us has been plagiarized or falsified in any way, all of the offending player's characters will be removed from the game.

Send the following pre-application to

1: Your email address.
2: The name of your character.
3: Type of character - hero, villain, mortal, neutral, whatever.
4: Give a brief character concept.
5: A brief example of your abilities. (Powers, above normal skills, etc)
6: Write a brief role-play sample.

Applications News Files