Ebb Tide

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Ebb Tide

Lynna is the second dweller of the deeps to live above and below. Sea Devil was the first of Ebb Tide's people to do so. He gained the right to be the champion of the deep through a contest of champions. After Sea Devil's death, Lynna was inspired to help be the voice of her people and won the contest. She has since returned to her people to help with the onslaught of incursions that are causing havoc there.

Like all of her people, Ebb Tide is able to manipulate, control, and shape water. These water constructs can be as dense as the deepest depths of the ocean and anything in between. Her body structure is also denser than humans, enabling her to live beneath the sea. Due to her connection to water, she is able to propel herself through the ocean at speeds that go beyond the speed of sound. She can breath water and air.

Fun Fact:

While working with Sentry, Ebb Tide grew to have a large crush on her fellow Sentry member, Brass Ring. She was never able to tell him so.