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Alternate Identities MUX is a non-profit gaming environment whose purpose is solely to enjoy interactive discussion and role-play based on original characters in the super-hero genre. The administrators of Alternate Identities MUX are not responsible for individual player actions, and reserve the right to discontinue service to players without notice.

All original materials contained on Alternate Identities MUX are automatically copyrighted to their creators, and borrowed material is owned by their original authors, copyright and trademark laws withstanding.

Most notably, this concerns the game world itself and includes both the timeline that is established in our news files, as well as all of the established heroes and villains detailed in our theme files, wiki page and other world-building material for the game. Any use of these characters or concepts outside of this game will be considered a breach of that copyright and our trust, and may be dealt with accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to, such characters as Lady Locomotive, Bald Eagle, American Eagle, the Burning Man, Brass Ring, Gold Lightning, Ember, Stalwart, Sea Devil, Red Beret, Scout, Ebb Tide, Captain Meteor, Dr. Infinity, Hi-Q, Brain Tease, Incarnate, Sequoia, Gold Rush, Cosmonaut, Fleur-de-Lis, Rising Sun, Bald Eagle, Liberty's Angel, Civic Defender, Marshal Psyche, Time Stream, Canadian Spirit, Punch Lion, Gemma Stone, The Murder Club, Midas, the Supplier, Fog of War, Airman, Fusion, Black Mamba, Safeguard, the Protectors, Beacon and Sentry.

To underscore - the staff have put a lot of our time, effort and creativity into this game world. While we are opening up the fruits of that labor for the enjoyment of other players, please do not abuse our trust by attempting to use this material or these characters elsewhere.

Characters created by individual players remain copyrighted to those individual players, including elements within those character's backgrounds save for characters, teams or events already detailed in the game theme files or previously copyrighted to another player.

By requesting a character and submitting that character to the Administration for role-play approval, players agree to the full scope of game policies, rules and copyright protections as set forth in the various news files found both in the game proper and within the game wiki site.

Views and ideas passed through Alternate Identities MUX may not reflect the views of the Alternate Identities staff or those of its host site.