Character Policies

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Important policies that govern characters. Our theme is an entirely original concept and world created by the admin of Alternate Identities for the purpose of fun, entertaining role-play. All characters that are accepted onto the game are original concepts from the player.

We do not accept any characters that are heavily based around already published sources, such as comic books, novels, television shows, or so on.

Characters are going to be difficult to gain on AI MUX, as we expect every player to put a great deal of information into their application, far more than what might be expected from games based around published material. This is because no one else but you, the player, knows anything about your character, and due to that, it is up to you, the player, to give the admin and readers enough information to understand the character's powers, background, advantages, and so forth.

In order to preserve the unique nature and individuality of each concept, at this time we are not accepting applications for characters that have a power or power set that is the same as another character already approved. We encourage applicants to be creative in the design of their entire character concept, and this includes a broad representation of powers across the game. Current banned power concepts due to this policy are listed in their own separate heading under 'Banned'. Character News Files