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Information on the world in general. The world that AIM exists in is a unique one. These files will help to explain the general mood and flavor of that world as well as provide greater detail to both individual cities as well as larger regions and what's been happening there.

DISCLAIMER: These are the cities and regions as they exist within the world of Alternate Identities MUX. While there are similarities to the real world, our representations of these locations have been made with literary license and are not intended to accurately reflect or portray their actual status or geography. If they were just like the real world, we wouldn't need these news files! ;)

Atlantic CityThe theme and details of AC and the surrounding areas.
CaliforniaThe theme and details of California and the West Coast.
ChicagoThe theme and details of Chicago and the midwest.
EuropeThe theme and details of England and the European Union
InternationalThe theme and details of the global stage.
MoodInformation on the flavor and feel of the game as a whole.
NYCThe theme and details of the Big Apple, New York City.
PoliticsGeneral information regarding current US Politics.
Pop CultureGeneral information regarding music, TV, sports and movies.
USATheme and information regarding America as a whole.

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