Captain Meteor

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Captain Meteor

Struck by a meteorite when he was only fourteen, Lincoln Ramsey survived the encounter and was transformed by the radiation in the space rock, given miraculous powers as a result. Thus, Kid Meteor was born. A founding member of the Protectors, Kid Meteor left the team to join the Army and fight in Vietnam, where was though to be killed in action. He returned nearly fifty years later, however not having aged a day and having no recollection of where he was or what had happened. He has since acclimated himself to this new era, joining Beacon and once again becoming one of the premier superheroes of the planet.

Captain Meteor possesses a physiology that has enhanced density and the ability to manipulate gravity on a localized scale. This gives him near invulnerability, super strength, enhanced speed and endurance, as well as the ability fly. He can also 'anchor' himself in place and almost impossible to move once set into position.

Fun Fact:

In the long-running 1980's TV Show, 'Captain Meteor Returns', CM was played by Blair Underwood.