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Captain Marvel

* Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Carol was the only girl to a very male dominated family. Her father believed a woman's place was in the home, and as a result garnished his attention to his two sons, rather than Carol. In fact, at one point he even told Carol her best choice in life was to marry a rich husband to take care of her.

* Acting against her family's wishes, after high school Carol enrolled in the Air Force, quickly proving herself as an ace fighter pilot and skilled combatant. Due to her success as an air force pilot, Carol was recruited into the CIA where she worked with a mysterious man known as Logan.

* After many adventures in the CIA, Carol discovered it was simply not for her, thus she quit. Not long afterwards, she gained employment with NASA as head of security. It was there Carol met and eventually fell in love with the Kree super hero - Mar-Vell.

* Constantly placing herself in dangerous situations, Carol's life would forever change when she was captured, and then accidently transformed by a Kree device called the Psyche-Magnitron. Even though Mar-Vell shielded Carol from the device's deadly radiation, the device's ability to turn thoughts into reality, as well as the absorption of Mar-Vell's own DNA, caused Carol's very wishes to become a reality. Her genetic make-up was forever altered into a half-human, half-Kree hybrid, capable of super human powers.

* Carol's gifts, initially, gave her a split personality, the head of security at NASA Carol Danvers, and when danger would arise, the super hero Ms. Marvel. Eventually Carol was able to combine both personalities thus allowing her to shift into her 'super hero' identity at will, versus just the need when danger arose.

* Through the years, Carol would work side by side with Mar-Vell, eventually gaining recognition enough to be asked to join The Avengers. It was here that Carol discovered her worst enemy, a shape shifting woman by the name of Mystique. It was Mystique that killed Carol's boyfriend (and psychiatrist), Dr. Michael Barnett. This single act forced Carol to rethink her plans on staying with the Avengers, and she moved to the West Coast.

* Her time as a heroine on the West Coast would be short lived, however, as Mystique's adopted daughter, Rogue, against Mystique's wishes and in order to prove herself to Mystique, ambushed Carol. The fight was intense, and insane, as the two battled all across San Francisco. Rogue gained Carol's psyche and powers permanently, while Carol fell into a coma and was tossed off the Golden Gate Bridge.

* The fight between Carol and Rogue caught the attention of the heroine Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), who saved Carol's life and immediately took her to Charles Xavier.

* While Xavier was able to restore Carol's memories, there was no feeling or emotion connected with them, it was as though she was simply watching a movie. During this time Carol worked with the X-Men a lot, and was happy to reconnect with her old friend, Logan - who was now calling himself Wolverine. During this point, Carol was able to finally defeat Mystique, with nothing but her skills and anger to fuel her. After Mystique was beaten to a pulp, Carol had the opportunity to kill her old nemesis, though she did not do so.

* While still with the X-Men, Carol was captured by the alien race known as the Brood. They performed horrific torture and experiments on her half-kree/half-human form, to the point that when Logan finally did rescue Carol, she had been completely altered through the Brood's torture. She found a completely new set of powers to draw from, strength beyond anything she'd known, as well as the ability to tap into the power of a white hole.

* Calling herself Binary, Carol helped the X-Men defeat the Brood and stayed in space when they returned to earth. While in space, she helped out the Starjammers for a time.

* Carol had nearly unlimited cosmic powers, and she fought some of the most fierce foes in all the galaxy. Eventually she helped Quasar save the sun from expanding at an unnatural rate, and in doing so was severely injured, losing the connection to her Binary powers.

* Although she no longer had cosmic powers, she had finally regained all of her Ms. Marvel powers, including to a new ability to manipulate and project energy. The Avengers welcomed her back, and Carol once again was an Avenger.

* A great deal happened to Carol after that, she became addicted to alcohol, got booted from the Avengers, had Tony help her through alcoholism, and eventually rejoined the Avengers.

* Carol once again left the Avengers to join up with SHIELD, and started truly redefining herself as a powerful leader in her own right.

* All through her time as an Avenger, Agent of SHIELD, and on her own, Carol remained true friends with Tony Stark and Jessica Drew, even going so far as to agree with Tony when Civil War happened.

* She's been the leader of the Mighty Avengers, she's faced down a skrull invasion, she's had yet another potential boyfriend killed (and she's even kissed and had a one night stand with Wonder Man).

* Carol's last memories involve letters from home, learning of Jessica Drew's troubles with an army of rats, all the while Carol adventures out in space. In all honesty, Carol isn't sure what happened, what actually transpired that transported her to this other dimension. One moment she and Jessica were taking out a giant robot, the next Carol found herself in a completely new, completely strange, and completely different world. Hell. Dimension even.

* Adjusting to this world is taking a great deal of time. The large number of heroes that Carol has never, ever met (and she's met a lot) is overwhelming. It's almost enough to get her back into drinking. What the hell is she going to with her life now? While registering gives Carol a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, especially given all the debacle with Civil War, she has decided to begin with the STRAYS act.

* Now armed with temporary papers and a low-income housing (she misses her old home), Carol is doing the most strangest thing for her. She's looking for a job, and wondering just where to take her life now.

Sarcastic, witty, out spoken, bossy, there are many words that can describe Carol Danvers. While at heart, Carol is a nice person and really does want to do what is right, it all comes down to what she feels is the right choice, for Carol never does anything that goes against her moral beliefs. Carol is tough, strong willed, independent, and cool as a cucumber at all times in life. It takes a lot to get her rattled, and even more for her to show it.

There are few people that Carol really lets in, someone that she can count on, rely upon, and allow see every aspect of her. In fact, Carol can count them on one hand. While she has many friends, there is a difference between an ally and a true friend.

Carol is stubborn, mule-headed, and absolutely refuses to budge on something she's set on. This can lead to some interesting conversations, especially if Carol really is wrong - for in Carol's mind? If she's completely set in stone on something? She isn't wrong. (The situation with Civil War is a great example of that.)

Life is not always peaches and cream, and Carol knows this better than most, but if you can get past the bad, and live for the good, in Carol's mind? That's all that matters.

Higher, Further, Faster - those words tend to describe Carol's best quality, that of always getting up when you're knocked down, and never giving up.

Carol is capable of withstanding a great deal of force, energy, extremes in temperature, and power. She can shrug off high caliber bullets without blinking (so she's bullet proof), crash into buildings, fall from great heights, and take a blow from the likes of Thor or Hulk and come out fighting. Her ability to absorb energy allows her to absorb incoming energy blasts without harm, and simply grow tougher and stronger because of that. It takes a great deal to harm Carol, she isn't completely unstoppable, but she's a really tough nut to crack.

Carol is able to absorb nearly all forms of energy, then redirect that how she so desires, whether it's giving her additional strength, more powerful energy blasts, lessen fatigue, and so on. With enough power absorbed, Carol has the potential to reach the near God-Like abilities of Binary, which give her access to the energy of a White Hole. The last is only achieved through tiny-plot conditions, and is not something that Carol is able to do on a day to day basis.

From her hands and fingertips, Carol is able to project powerful bursts of energy in the form of light and photon blasts. These are concussive in force and nature, thus not having any heat to them. Her blasts have the power to break apart buildings, go through thick steel, and in the utmost extreme have the concussive power of a missile.

In short, Carol is able to fly. She can fly at incredible speeds, and even fly in the vacuum of space. Her top flight can reach speeds that reach Mach 6, to even faster. Her durability allows her to reach these speeds without harm to herself.

Due to her own wishes, Mar-Vell's influence, and the powers of an alien device known as the psyche-magnitron, Carol was transformed into a half-human, half-kree hyrbrid. This is the source of her powers. This also grants her immunity to toxins, and poisons.

Unreliable at best, apt to come and go without warning, Carol has the chance (although minor) to detect danger before it happens. Similar in scope to a 'Spidey-Sense', Carol may have flashes of precognition that grant her the opportunity to know that danger is coming, though she would have no idea where, or from what. It's just a feeling, a small gut instinct, but there are times it has come in handy to look before she leaps.

Going right along with her strength, durability, and immunty to toxins and poisons, Carol is very quick, and can fight for a great deal of time without tiring. She can fly at speeds that exceed mach 6 for hours on end without strain, even reach speeds that can easily traverse the vacuum of space. Her stamina enables her to continue on and on for well over twenty-four hours before reaching any form of fatigue. While running, she is able to go at super human speed, with reflexes to match.

Carol has super human strength enabling her to go toe to toe with some of the most powerful individuals on the planet. When it comes to class, she most assuredly hits the 'over 100 tons' one, especially with her ability to absorb energy. She's been able to lift small planes, cars, and large vessels with ease and no effort. Her powers certainly rival the likes of Thor.

From her military training, to her training with the CIA, to her time spent with the X-Men when she was powerless, Carol has gained a very good education in combat. This includes both aerial combat, armed as well as unarmed. While even powerless, she was able to take out Mystique using her skills and hatred as a fuel.

During her career, Carol has been a freelance writer as well as magazine editor. She is a good journalist, and writer, and could easily gain a career in the field, if the need arose. Which. The need may actually arise here in this world to do just that. Perhaps Carol will go into journalism.

Granted, while this is in another universe entirely, Carol was still known by many individuals in that world. CIA, Air Force, Avengers, Secret Avengers, SHIELD, X-Men, Starjammers, Carol has worked with, has friends with, been in the team with, or just knows so many different heroes, civilians, spies, soldiers and villains, there are few in her universe that don't know who Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird or Captain Marvel is. It's just too bad that everyone here has absolutely no idea who she is.

Carol is fluent in English, Russian, Japanese, as well as Kree, Shi'Ar, and Rajaki. She has passing familiarity in many other Earth based languages, just enough to get by.

While in the air force, Carol was trained as a pilot, not just the ability to fly helicopters, or troop transports, but as a fighter pilot. She is a very good pilot, able to handle any airplane as well as space craft with ease and experience.

Working with both the CIA as well as SHIELD has given Carol a great education in the work of a super spy. She has a cool under pressure attitude, a never break personality, and the skills to back her up. She's worked with some of the best spies around, and could easily return to the business, if the chance came up here, at least.

Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, is a hero in her world. She's fought to save the Earth and even the Solar System too many times to count. People know that she's one of the 'good guys'. Here? Here no one knows her. Everything is new, and confusing, and weird, and wrong, and yet - so very black and white, good versus evil, life and death, it's not an easy adjustment to make. The shades of inbetween are few and far between. Carol has to worry about finding a job, making certain that the ends meet. While being a hero? Well. That remains to be seen. What the future holds is a difficult adjustment to make, only time will tell.

Carol has been through a lot in her life, some good, some bad. Not long after the umpteenth time of some crisis hitting her, Carol dove head first into alcohol in order to relieve the memories that plagued her. It didn't take long and Carol became an alcoholic, needing alcohol in order to just survive each and every day. While she recognizes her weakness, and has come to understand that alcohol was not the answer to her woes, it is still something that occasionally tugs at her. When she feels at her weakest, Carol will seek out an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in order to gain strength and help.

Aliens are a part of Carol's life, well, her old life. She adventured in space for much of her career, and came to learn a lot about many different alien species - including her own half-alien origins. The thing is, here? In this world? For some really weird reason, they've never been visited by aliens! They don't believe aliens even exist! Holy hell are they in for a shock one day. So, being half-alien is going to be a bit of a problem if Carol ever needs help in a medical facility. Questions about what the hell /she/ is, will probably be asked and Carol's answers are going to be (most likely) dismissed - or at least questioned with intensity.

Carol is a very head strong, rush into battle without thinking, personality. This has constantly gotten her into trouble, as she will go into any situation fists flying. She is highly driven by her emotions, and as a result, she will hit first, think later.

When Rogue absorbed Carol's powers and personality, she did such a thorough job of it, Carol came out without memories or powers. While Charles Xavier returned her memories (and time restored her powers), Carol's past is just a flicker of events without emotion or feeling attached. She can remember all that transpired, but it's like watching a movie play out before her mind's eye, nothing more. Carol has adapted and come to terms with this, but there is still just that lingering sensation of a memory without emotion, a time without feeling.

Lets face it, Carol's made a lot of enemies in her time, and even if this is an entirely different and new world, with the constant influx of people throughout different dimensions and alternate timelines, some of them may come through at any point, and at any point in time, or alternate dimension, or whatever. So, Carol's enemies tend to out number those that she considers friends, it's this reason she tends to watch her back, a lot.

Carol does not mince words. Ever. She is completely outspoken, tells it like it is, does not care about the consequences, nor hurting feelings. She speaks her mind vocally, completely, and without a single ounce of regret. At times, this can lead to miss-understandings, and poor choice of words, when Carol should (perhaps) have just bit her tongue and kept her mouth shut. In Carol's thoughts, better to get it out in the open and deal with it, than ever keeping anything inside, no matter what 'feelings' may be hurt because of it.

Carol has had a very unlucky love life, from the original Captain Marvel, to her psychologist boyfriend, to the fleeting romance with William Wagner. (Lets not even get into the one night stand with Wonder Man). Carol has even gone on a date with Peter Parker, only to find that the two simply have nothing but work to talk about. Carol seeks love, and companionship, but has a very bad habit of picking the wrong guy.

Fun Fact:

Carol's pet cat, Chewie, was actually an alien species called a 'Flerken'. Chewie was named after the Star Wars character, Chewbacca, because the cat reminded her of him.