Bald Eagle

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Bald Eagle

Originally the second hero to use the name 'American Eagle', Bald Eagle changed his moniker 2010 following a long battle with Dr. Helix in which his powers were augmented and he literally became bald. He is master tactician and is often seen as aloof and unemotional, even to long-time team-members and allies. There are few who are more passionate about protecting the helpless or fighting the forces of evil, however.

Bald Eagle is high-order telepath, able to send and receive thoughts, create powerful illusions and psionic blasts and enter the astral plane.

Fun Fact:

Despite being named after a bird, Bald Eagle does not have any flight powers. He also took a sabbatical from Beacon in 2011 for two years, but has been the leader of the team whenever he's been an active member.