Atlantic City

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The theme and details of AC and the surrounding areas. While the majority of our world is four-color in flavor (see 'news mood'), if there is an exception that proves the rule it's Atlantic City. A city on the verge of bankruptcy and mired in crime and poverty, Atlantic City is a study in dualities - the glitz and glamor of the casinos and boardwalk versus the grime and grit that hide in the shadows of the high-rise resorts. Crime is prevalent in this city, the police and elected officials are mostly corrupt, and the streets are not safe at night.

Befitting the darker nature of Atlantic City, we encourage street-level heroes and villains to set up shop here - think Batman, Punisher or the Kingpin if they existed in this world. They don't, however - the mafia is a significant presence in Atlantic City, and the villainous crime lord known as 'The Supplier' often plays one family against the other as he continues to build his own empire of greed.

Currently, no major hero or hero group has claimed Atlantic City as protectorate, though numerous smaller vigilantes have attempted to make a dent in the seemingly endless crime that permeates the city. World News Files