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Welcome to Alternate Identities MUX!

When is a superhero not just a superhero?

When is a game about superheroes not just another game?

When that game allows players to create characters of their own that are the champions of their world, who are celebrated by society and who have been adventuring that way for years, when copyright characters from published companies are turned on their ear and deposited into a new setting, with the challenges of finding new homes, new jobs, perhaps even new identities, when the focus is on telling finely crafted, interwoven stories that promote the interaction of both of these types of characters in new, interesting and exciting ways... that's when.

Welcome to Alternate Identities MUX, a role-playing game set in a fictional Earth with an entirely original roster of heroes and villains, some established by the administration and some created by the rest of the player base, but all holding unique places of status and celebrity in a way that is rarely available elsewhere. Introduced to this world through mysterious fractures in the very fabric of reality are the established heroes and villains from companies such as Marvel and DC - characters who are wholly new to this world, armed with only their wits and abilities and forced to find their way in a place that is both completely foreign and yet strangely familiar to them.

With an experienced administration, a rich and detailed theme, robust In-Character city grids and an easy-to-use Wiki page and log repository, Alternate Identities MUX is looking for creative role-players who are as eager to tell stories in this world as we are. Please browse our site to learn more about the theme and world, characters that are already cast or who exist as part of the game's continuity, and logs of our role-play. Then, stop by at 7277 and apply for a character.

When is a superhero not just a superhero?

When that superhero's alternate identity is you.