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Activity requirements for all players. All players must have one log in a month. The following rules are also important to note.

NOTICE: If your unapproved character is idle nuked, you must go through the
        entire application from the beginning, which includes emailing the
        administration the pre-application information.
Rule #1: Unapproved Characters -
         Any unapproved character that does not log in for seven days time
         will be nuked.
         All players will have two weeks (fourteen days) to set up their
         character. If the character is not set up within the fourteen
         day time frame, the character object will be nuked. An additional
         seven days may be granted in some cases. (+Request to ask for
         more time.)
         After a player has applied and are asked to make changes to
         their application, that player has three days to fix the
         application and apply again. If further changes are still needed
         an applicant will have yet another three days to fix the
         application. (Sorry, we will not allow any extensions, you have
         three days after a rejection to fix your application.)
         So: 14 days to apply for a character.
         After Applying: 3 days to fix any changes that need to be made.
Rule #2: Approved Characters -
        If an approved player does not log into his/her character for
        thirty days that character will be nuked. We will not decompile
        the character object. When it is removed, all information is
        removed as well. (So be sure to @decompile your characters!)

        Exceptions to the rule are if the player will be gone for longer
        than thirty days and informs the admin via +request, they will
        not have their character nuked until six weeks has passed.
        Vacations may not exceed more than six weeks time, any further and
        the character will be removed permanently. While we certainly
        sympathize and understand things happen in 'real life', such as
        the armed forces, college, vacations and so on - we feel six weeks
        is ample time.  
        You will not receive any form of a warning before the character
        object is destroyed.  
        All players must have one log on the wiki a month. Emitting a scene
        is counted as a log. You can do the scene at any time during the
        month from the first day, to the last, but when a new month rolls
        around, all players must have at least one log up.

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